So Very Busy

I never meant to leave the blog for so long. We have had a birthday, Easter, and Spring Break all in a row. I thought I might post an update while I was gone, but I was so very wrong about the amount of extra time I thought I might find. I did make some washcloths while I was on the road. I know, it is mindless knitting, but many times mindless makes me happy. And it is all I can do while in the car. Between the talking and the movies and the radio and the stops, I need things I can pick up and put down with ease.

I made some cupcakes for the boys this week. It was just Chocolate Cake Mix in large cupcake/muffin papers. I put the icing into an icing bag with a decorative tip, and squirted it on to make it look pretty. I added sprinkles and half a cookie to add some glamour. These are the rejects. The neighbors got the ones with the pretty icing and non broken cookies.

I was inspired to make cupcakes after we stopped in Charlottesville, VA on vacation and went to a place called Cappelino's Crazy Cakes. While I knew my homemade ones might not be as pretty, I knew I could glam mine up a bit. Seth chose a red velvet cupcake with the ladybug and Noah got a chocolate raspberry cupcake. I was told they were tasty too.

Seth had a birthday and wanted to decorate his own cake. I don't remember what he told me the design was, but he had a Percy Jackson themed party and invited the kids to come in costume and about half of them did! Seth decorated the sides as well, so he is a full service cake man.

I was asked a while ago to post a picture of the card I made for Scott for Valentine's Day. I hope you are all patient as I am only now realizing that V day was two months ago. Time flies.
You can see we are all doing our crafty best here, and even if we don't look like professionals we are having fun and that is what counts at this house. I don't want to die having done everything just perfectly, I want to die happy and having fun. (Not that I have any plans of it being soon.)
I have yet to make plans about dinner, so I am going to go see what I can thaw out in time.