Tis The Season

As Christmas is coming, my knitting needs have heated up. I have been working on hats quite a bit. The hat Noah is modeling is called Turn a Square and is quite a great idea. It starts with stripes that are round, but it turns into a square shape at the top of the hat as you make decrease stitches. I have made a couple of these and really like them. You don't get the effect very well in this picture, but when you work with models who aren't paid a living wage, you take what you can get. Scott is not on the list to recieve any home made gifts this year as we all know he doesn't understand why people would wear yarn. It hasn't stopped me from threatening to make him some wool underwear though.
My neighbor Pete works for a wine distributor and every year for his birthday I make him something out of his discards. Last year it was the wine cork wreath with grapes and this year it was a Christmas ornament with a cork body. It is called a Korknisse, should you want to look the pattern up on Ravelry. He swore he loved it. He also got the hat that Noah was modeling, and I know that was a well loved gift as everyone in his house tried it on and his daughter asked for one in purple. I don't care much for the Korknisse myself, but Seth wants one in blue.

Seth made us dinner last night. He has been asking if he can make French Toast but we are always out of some ingredient for him. Last night he couldn't wait to get cooking. He started asking what time he could start as soon as he got home from school. He said he wants to make us eggs and bacon next time, but that most of the bacon will be for him. I gotta get the kid into the spirit of giving that goes with this season. I can't wait till he wants to cook dinner every night. cooking is definitely one skill I want to pass on so I don't have to be the only cook in the family.
I have been volunteering once a week at the school library. I am glad to have a mini job as it gives me something to do every week. I put on a blouse and jewelry and everything, just a like a professional person would. Then I sort magazines, catalog books, whatever needs to be done. Plus, I get to be out of the house and amongst people who read. I haven't gotten any good book recommendations yet, but I am hopeful. I am always looking for my next good book.
Seth put up the Christmas tree this weekend. We used my friend Maria's tree that she left us last year. It is so lovely! I have never had a tree before that had only white lights on it. I thought Seth might fuss about it, as he is definitely a guy who likes colored lights. He likes this tree because it is so tall and it is prettier than our old tree. I tried to take a picture of it, but I couldn't get far enough across the room to get a good shot.
Noah has taken up fencing and goes to Fencing Club once a week. It meets at the high school and he has tried to get me to pick him up at the middle school and drive him to the high school. (Ha!) I tried to tell him he is old enough to cross the street, but he is always a kid looking for the easy way to do something. I wish fencing was everyday, he is a much happier child when he gets some exercise.
We are well and happy, and I hope it won't be so long between posts again.