Heeeeeeeere's Hanna!

I found these adorable ornaments in a 2 pack at Archivers a while back. They were labeled as tags, but they will be go on the tree in my house. Even the glitter and fake snow balls were included. too cute! I colored the edging and stamped Hanna with mistletoe and put it all together. It was colored with Copics.

I had a home show last night and nearly poisoned my neighbor. She doesn't like chocolate much so I made punch and two cakes, one Orange Pineapple and the other Carrot Cranberry. Turns out she is very allergic to pineapple, which both the cakes had in them. Dangnabit! At least I tried to do a good deed by not making my famous Chocolate Cake. I also found out she doesn't like dogs. Who knew? How can you not like dogs?

Tomorrow I am off to Chicago for a day. My friend Joanne and I go every year on a bus trip sponsored by the local Parks Dept. Usually I enjoy it, but I have done it enough. I am not looking forward to cold and crowded Chicago when I have already disposed of my disposable income.

Addicted to Musicals

This Seth, and he is addicted to Musicals. IT has always been this way. First it was Disney cartoons with singing and years of Beauty and the Beast songs. It evolved to High School Musical 2 and Hairspray. We counted down the days till Hairspray would be on DVD and I was instructed to have it purchased before he came home from school. When Seth came home we went to a friends house to watch it in the Theater room. We have watched it everday since then. When seth comes home from school we put it in and watch it together. It is usually ending when Scott gets home from work so we all watch the dance scene in the end with John Travolta jiggling his hot bottom while dressed in drag.

Seth's favorite part of the movie is when Tracy is dancing and spanking herself in detention saying "I am a bad bad girl who needs to be punished!" He performs that routine and changes the word "girl" to "boy". To which I always reply (from the detention scene) while waving my hands in the air "You are joining this program already in progress!" It may be only funny to us, but my goodness, how much fun we have watching this and reciting lines everyday.

I rarely like to see a movie more than once, maybe twice. There are a few movies I LOVE and have seen several times, Cold Mountain, Shawshank redemption, and Millions (my all time fave). But hairspray is now a permanent part of Workman history. If you were here you could join the fun.

The photo above is of Seth on Halloween in his costume as Ryan Evans from High School Musical 2.

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

It's time for another Hanna Stamp show! The trees are from the set "Tis The Season". After the photo was taken I added glitter to the bottom to give a snowy effect and it, as the saying goes, looks better in real life. The paper with the trees is from Reminisce and the solid green papaer is Bazzill. (What else?) The ribbon is from the miscellaneous ends I have collected in my ribbon box. I have a very hard time making a card with no ribbon. Some days I try really hard to not use ribbon, but it goes against all I know and love to do that.

Kadi the Wonder Dog

Are you wondering what makes my wonder dog so wonderful? Unconditional love, my friends, that's what it is. I know, I know, everyone thinks their dog is better than everyone else's and people are usually wrong about this. Definitely, I know, my dog is better than your dog? Why? Because she is mine!

We got our dog about 18 months ago from the local Humane Society. She is part Australian cattle dog and possibly part German Shepherd. We know the cattle dog part is true as she has the cattle herding instinct to nip at heels of running children. Mostly we have broken her of this habit, though she still nips at Noah. We don't worry so much as he needs a good nip now and again. plus, she doesn't bare teeth or bite or slobber on heels, she just noses them and scares you when you don't expect it.

I tried to fix her eyes before I posted this photo, but they appeared un fixable, so you'll just have to believe that they aren't really this blue, but are a beautiful deep brown. She is soft and sweet and loves to be on my lap or curled up next to me when I nap on the couch. Oddly, she does not bark. She can, and has, but just doesn't as a genearl rule. I wonder if it comes from the ancestors' years of herding cattle and realizing that cattle don't speak dog language.

I am supposed to be in my computer library looking for a photo of myself today, but found my dog and decided to post her for now. She doesn't sit still so if you tell her to sit and walk away, she'll follow, so the photo had to be taken at close range, from above. Maybe I don't it still for long either and that is why I am having so much trouble finding a photo of myself. I am like the Yeti, or Bigfoot, there are internet sightings that lead you to believe in my existence, but very little photographic proof.

We Have A Winner!

The winner of the Hanna Stamps! give away through my blog is Jana Mays of Kodiak, Alaska. I have already sent Jana an e mail and the stamps will be sent out as soon as they come in from the manufacturer, which should be this week, if not today. This was a ton of fun and I loved having so many comments on my blog, as I am very new to blogging and have few readers. If you stop by again, be sure to say "Hi" so i don't feel so lonely out here.

Blog Candy

Yes, Blog Candy! I have blog candy to give away! Kristi, the owner of Hanna Stamps! has decided that her Design Team members should all have a little fun over the Thanksgiving Holiday and have some blog candy to give away. One lucky winner will receive one set of the new, not yet released sayings set from Hanna Stamps! It is a clear set with things on it that Hanna might say. I have a picture to post, and will do that later.

I wanted to get the news out right away as I know some of you may not have internet access over the weekend, or at home, or on your travels. All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me what you are thankful for and one lucky winner will be chosen at random on Sunday . Start commenting!

UpperCase Living

My friend Jenny had an UpperCase Living Party. I thought it was the best thing ever. It is basically words and graphics that you put up on your walls like a giant rub on. For a crafter like me, it was just my thing. Of course I am having my own Uppercase party next week.
The photo is of a leaf and saying that I ordered from Jenny's party. They come together as a set and all I had to do was decide on the size and the colors I wanted. I thought I would put these on a glass block when I ordered them, then I thought I'd use a tile.
I was at Michaels on Saturday and they had some art on sale 90% off out in their discount bins. My price was $1.49 so I bought all they had. The above was a piece of art that had was printed with something on it. I painted it brown with a couple of coats of acrylic paint that I had around. I left the bottom layer back, but painted the edges brown. I then put my rub ons on and sprayed it with a couple coats of Krylon spray. The Krylon did the trick. I was skeptical of what I had done, but the Krylon gave it a nice shine and a finished look. I tied on a coordinating bow, and Voila! I made art! It sits looking gorgeous in my kitchen right now.
Check out They have an entire catalog of amazing things on line and you can even design your own words/sayings/quotes. I am in love. It will be hard to contain myself and not have some great quotes on every wall in my house.

Rainy Days

Here is the unveiling of the new Hanna Stamps! main stamp that is being released today. I love this Hanna, she is so adorable! I cut out her umbrella from a plaid paper that I stamped on. I love the look of the plaid umbrella. I used a litttle stickes on the puddle and I couldn't resist adding some bling to the card. The bottom green paper is from a Paper Stack and the blue patterned paper is called Denim Poolhouse Vines from Chatter Box.
I went to the Intermediate School today to volunteer for Noah's teacher and a lady in the PTO room remembered me from 7-8 years ago when Noah went to Pre School at St. Luke's UMC. Dang. She said right away that she recognized me, but then she placed me as well. Of course, I had no idea at all who she was. Once Scott and I ran into a former college roommate of mine, about a year after we had moved away from each other. She kept saying her name to me and I finally looked at Scott and whispered "I don't know anyone named Nancy!" Thankfully Scott knew exactly who she was. So, if you ever see me out on the street and I don't know who you are, it's not personal, I just don't have built in facial recognition software.

Hanna shares her umbrella

I can't stop. I don't know who I love more, Hanna Stamps! or penguins from Memory Box. So I have combined the two again. This is a card idea that we made at Stamp Camp, but I added an image to it once I got home. I moved elements around and made the penguin with the umbrella. Come back tomorrow to see Hanna herself, unvelied.

Noah and a friend decided to have a band concert. They are looking for Scott's trumpet. Noah cannot join band till next year in 6th Grade, but that has not stopped him from talking about band EVERYDAY! Scott told him that he played trumpet and has a trumpet here, that he will let Noah play. So now they are on the hunt to find it, despite the fact neither he nor I know how to play any musical instrument. I told Noah it must be up in the attic. What that really means is that it is put away and not available. Whether it is really in the attic I do not know. The boys then came to report they found a way to open the attic. Sheesh....I gotta go. They are gonna be the death of me.

Hanna of the day

My friend Kristi sent me alink to a bracelet she had seen. The instructions seemed pretty straight forward to me. You buy fish tank hose at a pet store and cut it up into about 3/4 of an inch long pieces. You cut up some paper, I used something from SU! that I had around. You roll the paper on a toothpick and put it in the fish hose, removing the toothpick. You link it together with stretch magic beading cord.

Because I am a jewelry and bead maker, I have the stretch cord and the silver beads around the house. I made charms out of Hanna Stamps! stamps, stamped on polyshrink and shrunk them down.

One of the stamps is from the new "Rainy Days" set. Can you guess which one? If you think it is the duck, you are right! So, this qualifies as a sneak peek, right? See, I am showing you a stamp not available to the general public till Friday. I think that qualifies. This set is so much fun to play with and I LOVE the duck! I know the Hannas are a little hard to see but it was the best I could do given the tiny images.

Oh No! Don't Eat That!

All the stamps are from Hanna Stamps! today. They include the duck, the worm, the saying, the pond. Well, actually, let me take that back, the grass is from Rubber Stampede. The paper is Bazzill and Reminisce.
I just had to have the duck eat the worm. I don't know why, but I had to do it. Don't worry, the worm recovers enough to appear in more cards. I think worms can regenerate themselves anyway. If I am wrong, we'll never know. I don't have enough blog readers to hope one of you is strong enough in science to explain the truth about worms anyhow.
Hanna Stamps releases the new Hanna set on Friday and I am trying to wait until I post actual cards with Hanna, so you'll have to stay on the edge of your seat, waiting patiently for the big reveal.

Sneak Peek

Friday will be the release date for a new Hanna Stamps! set, "Rain, Rain, Come My Way." I will be posting little bits and pieces of the set this week, in order to show off a bit of a sneak peek of what the new set will offer.

I made this card as a SplitCoast challenge. The featured stamper this week is Frances Byrne, also known as StampOwl. She is also on the Hanna StampsDesign Team! You are supposed to take a card from her gallery and change it in at least two ways. I changed the image and the colors of the paper. I added a ribbon and the scalloped punch accent. My card is cute, but her cards are to die for! Check out her blog, there is a link on her name found under Hanna Stamps Design Team members.

Can you guess which accents are from the new Hanna set? If you guessed the umbrella and the boot you would be correct. The penguin is from Memory Box. I just thought he'd be cute popping out of the umbrella and I couldn't resist.

I had a lazy weekend. I made some snickerdoodles and took some to a doctor's appointment I had this morning. I have to say, I bake for all my doctors. They remember me when they see me, they are personable, their staffs know me, and I always get the best bags of free samples! I didn't need any samples today, but I got lots of personal attention and chatted with nearly everyone on staff. Try it, it's a win win situation and a great way to make friends.

Today I am watching a friends' child. She got in trouble at school and got suspended. The guidance counselor said they had to suspend her, even though it wasn't her fault. So, Grace is upstairs doing homework and I am thinking about lunch. I have a feeling taking her out for fast food would be an inapropriate reward. It's easy for me to be tough on my own kids, but not so easy to punish the child of a friend who has done nothing to annoy me.

Hanna Likes Big Dogs the Best

See Hanna, she's like me, she likes big dogs. Okay, so my dog only weighs about 35 pounds, she's a big dog to me. We have a dog we got from the Humane Society, an Australian Cattle Dog with possibly some German Shepherd mixed in. She's got cool tiger stripes on her brown and black coat. She looks a little hyena like, and her unique looks are what made me fall in love with her. I'll post a photo soon.
This was the best dog stamp I have, but the dog looks dis interested in his treat. Maybe Hanna is trying to teach him something and he just couldn't care less. The brown paper is bazzill but I can't remember where the dog paper is from that i used for the background. The dog stamp is from hero Arts and Hanna is of course, Hanna Stamps!

Thanksgiving Hannas

Here is Hanna checking out turkeys for the upcoming feast. Her boots match the turkeys as we are not wasteful here and every part of the turkey gets used. If that means gorgeous turkey boots, well, Hanna will happily be your fashion slave. Do you like how the little guys are dropping their feathers?

Here is Hanna holding a turkey up for closer inspection. Seth would like you to know that this is not how you hold a turkey. As he has lived all his life in suburbia it cracks me up that he has both knowledge and strong feelings about this. He said I simply must tell you, don't hold a turkey by its feathers. He eats a turkey sandwich almost every day at school in his packed lunch, so maybe he is worried about turkey mistreatment meaning les for him to eat.
My weekend was fine, except for my husband having to go to work and being gone all day Saturday. The electricity went out at his office and he knew when it came back up, he'd need to re set servers and do computer stuff. This meant I had my posts all ready and no one to help me upload. Can you beleive the mistreatment here? At least my cold appears to be fading at long last.

Tile Coasters

I made some tile coasters to show you today. I used Tumbled Tiles from Lowe's. You pick your images and stamp using Staz On. Let it dry and seal with a Krylon coating. The top coaster has a quote stamp that I found at Michaels a while back, but the images are from Hanna Stamps' set "But I Need It."

This coaster is fully from the Hanna Stamps set "Tis the Season." I think the quote can be good for nature as well as people. I love to make tiles and I was really pleased at how well these lent themselves to coaster making. You can choose to color them in, also with Staz On, but I wasn't in the mood for it. My tastes tend toward the simple, so I just let them be as I liked them.

Halloween was fine. Noah went ut with his scooter attached to his wagon by a dog leash and he went as quickly as he could from house to house to collect candy. He had a huge pile by the time the night was over. Seth went out with a Halloween Pumpkin face bucket and it was full by the end of the night. One neighbor recognized Seth's character immediately and broke into a song from High School Musical. God love her! I am sure not many people had any idea who he was. At least he is original and not afraid to be unique.

I have been nursing a cold all week so did not partake in the drinking part of sitting in my neighbors driveway. I haven't been sleeping well at night and I just knew a little alcohol would do more harm than good. Everyone gathers at the neighborhood bus stop in the morning, and one neighbor noticed that only the sober were there this morning.

I did laundry today, thinking that I don't like sleeping in cooties, even if they are my own. So, all the bedding is clean and fresh again. But I did not go to the grocery today and did not realize how bad the need was until I went to make dinner and had absolutely no vegetables in the house. Not even a lonely can of green beans. I borrowed milk in my pajamas for breakfast from a neighbor this morning and I was too lazy/embarrased/just did not care to hunt down a can of something for dinner. No one eats the vegetables but me anyway. Dinner just looked lonely tonight though.

It's always something isn't it?