Hanna's in the House

Well, Hanna is not really in the house, she is out fishing. I love how versatile she is and that I can swap out images and add different things into her hands to hold. Holy Cow, have I got ideas for her! Notice the little birdie rub on on the bottom right side? It's from Heidi Grace. I couldn't find any fish vultures, so this will have to do. The little jumping fish is from penguin Paradise by SU! Heidi is multi talented, isn't she?
Heidi can Trick or Treat with the best of them! The little Halloween bucket is a small stamp from Archiver's, I don't know who made it. The pumpkin in Hanna's hand is a rub on from Heidi Grace and the little candies are from Memory Box. I used stickles on her crown, but you don't really see it in the photo. The paper is from K and Co and Bazzill.

I should own stock in Bazzill, by the way. Shouldn't most of us? They really make a great product and quickly cornered the card stock market.

Tomorrow is Halloween so I don't know if you will hear from me or not. I have photos to post, but if my little goblins keep me busy, I won't get to the internet. Seth is dressing as someone from High School Musical 2, (Ryan if you really need to know) and Noah is dressing as some type of demon/gremlin/goblin/devil guy. I miss the days of elephants, bumblebees, and even Harry Potter.

We have a litle tradition here that Scott takes the boys out trick or treating and I sit with my next door neighbor, around a warm fire pit and have a beer with whoever stops by. So, basically, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, I am out drinking.

I Am Not A Lazy Bum

If I had my way, I would update my blog everyday. I am in a lucky spot in that I have some photo to post everyday to show you what I am making. I tell ya, I am one industrious gal! I made two cards yesterday and tried to post them myself.

Did you see them? No. They actually did not get posted. I got lost somewhere in the Picasa photo editing program and when I went to see if Scott could help me, he was already elbow deep in pumpkin guts. He had both boys up at the kitchen table and they were carving away. So, there was no help for me. He is such agood Dad. I don't like to craft with the boys much, I always want to "fix" what they are making.

Maybe later on tonight I will get new photos up. I am just checking in so you know I am a busy crafter and that I am not a lazy bum!

Sunday with Hannah

We are trying something new today, making the images smaller on my blog to see how they look so that you have to click on them to make them bigger. We'll see if I like the look of this or not. I like big pictures myself, but am following Scott's suggestion today. Yesterday was out 17th wedding anniversary, and maybe we have been happily married for 17 years because we are willing to try each other's suggestions.

I think the top photo shows of Hanna with background of paper from Anna Griffin. I bought the paper a long while ago in a discount bin, so I am not sure it is Anna's paper. But if my memory serves me it is. The flowers are from Daisy D and the gingham is from some unknown place. I adore gingham, for unknown, reasons, and snatch it up whenever I see some that I like. I mixed and matched my hanna sets, using Hanna from the "Tis the Season" set and accessories from the "But I Need It" set. I love Hanna's shoe shopping skills.

The poem on the card below reads "Even though she was a grown woman she believed in elves and Santa Claus and flying reindeer and sacks with an endless capacity for toys. Furthermore she belived that believeing in these things was the chief reason that she had more fun in life than others. "

The stamp is from River City Rubber Works and Hanna is from "Tis the Season at Hanna Stamps! I LOVE this card. I may make a bunch of these as my holiday card this year. Of course, last time I made my own Christmas cards I was so tired of looking at them that I never sent them out. I just lost the joy that year. But that would never happen with my sweet Hannas. I love these so much my husband is lucky I don't sleep with them while I am trying to dream up new ways to use them. (The paper is from Heidi Grace and Bazzill, colored with copics. I used the SU! ticket corner punch. I find it addictive and want to use it on all my cards but have to restrain myself.)

Lazy Sunday Morning

Well, it is actually the middle of the night here, and I should be in bed asleep, but I have this terible habit of waking up, thinking about something and not being able to sleep. I try to keep to the 20 minute rule. It's the one that says if you are awake for 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something else.

Scott and I went to go see the movie "Into the Wild" tonight and I can't stop thinking about it. It's based on a true story so when I couldn't sleep, I knew I needed to go to the computer and see what Wikipedia had to say about it all. then i followed more and more links and here I am, awake. still.

I got six comments on my last post. Dang. People are going to read my blog. I didn't know I had six readers yet. ( I am so tempted to say "If you can read this, please send money..." but those of you who really know me, know I'd be travellin' on whatever cash I had and the next post would be from Kenya, or Australia or Fiji, or just about anywhere at all).

I had plans for more photos to be posted, but since I am not quite capable of uploading on my own yet, I can't just live the life I want. Oprah says "Live the life you imagine!" Well, I am imagining lots of photos with every blog entry, but it just ain't happenin' for me yet.

Now I gotta get some sleep, I need to be early to the library so I can get the book "Into the Wild". If you live nearby and have any plans to beat me to the library, remember that I know where you live!

Hanna Day is Almost Here!

Tomorrow is the day for the new release of another Hanna Stamps! set, Tis the Season. This set is so adorable, and the possibilities with the accessories are endless.

In my top card, I made Hanna dream of her Sugar Daddy as she trims the tree. A little twisted? Probably. But look at her little Charlie brown tree. I have no idea way I chopped the bottom down, but I did. Hanna apparently needs her Sugar Daddy.

In the next card Hanna Claus and Santa have left some apparel under the tree while they have gone off in search of some, companinship. See Santa's button on the card? Hanna ripped it right off Santa and I ripped the idea off Design Team member Val. I just never know what to do with buttons, but I literally found it on the floor yesterday and knew it was Santas!

These cards are followed by a Happy Holidays card. Just a little something easy and sweet for the season.

I backed my "But I Need It..." Hanna glass block with this traditional setting from the "Tis The Season" set. They look great in the dark. I am planning to finish them off with silver ribbon on the edges and a bow on top.

Seth wanted me to show the penguin light he made. It has rub ons on both sides, and is covered in sticky tape and micro beads like the Hanna light. seth is going to put it in his room and it is a surprise for his Mumbles penguin. He hopes Mumbles likes it. I know that for 99 cents, the rub ons are so entertaining that they provide a lot of inexpensive pleasure for my little crafter.

The boys were out of school today so we went to go see the movie "Game Plan." It stars DeWayne "The Rock" Johnson. I don't know where he is from, he is surely famous for something, but I don't know what. The movie lasted almost two hours, which really helped kill a boring day at home. As for the Rock? Hubba Hubba! The kids enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the beauty of him.

Tis The Season for More Hanna

I got a new set of Hanna Stamps today and I can't tell you loudly enough how much fun it is to have stamps to play with, for no other reason than to see what I can get them to do. I decorated the tree and put the hat box from the Hanna set, "But I need it.." under the tree, too. It loks like a giant present, and who doesn't want a big box of fun for the holidays?

I also like the card below it, with its pretty litttle Hanna holding up the mistletoe. I have never in my life been a pink person, but I am learning to love the color. I find I am using it more and more in cards and it is softening up how I feel abbout the color in general.

Does it seem early to be thinking Christmas? Not if you are a mom. I already have my shopping underway and presents hidden in places I hope the kids won't look.

I have girlfriends who share a "Homemade Christmas" with me. The rule? it has to be homemade. At this point they may be fearful that they will each get a box of hanna cards from me, but little do they know I started their presents months ago.

I will have some more Hanna cards tomorrow as well as a glass light box or two. Seth has been working on rub ons trying to get his vellum ready for its application to a glass block. His favorite furry friend is a penguin, Mumbles, from the movie Happy Feet. He and Mumbles have matching pajamas courtesy of Grandma Workman last year. He asked if Mumbles could have his own glass block, but I told him that for now he and his penguin will have to share one. I tell you, he wears me down. He always asks if Mumbles can have whatever he is having. I almost forget its a stuffed animal, we spend so much time talking about him and taking him along places.

Glass Block Art

I got in the mood to make some glass block art last week. I bought glass blocks at Lowe's and also at Menards. Lowe's only had one size of block, 8x8, while Menards had several different sizes to choose from. The blocks at menards had painted edges, but I came home and soaked them in hot soapy water and was able to scrub the paint off.

The glass block with the berries on top is really pretty. I made it for a friend but can't decide if I should give it away now or wait till close to Christmas. I put a rub on onto the front (from Michaels), put silver ribbon on the edges and finished it off with berries. It does not have a hole drilled into it for lights.

For the light with Hanna from Hanna Stamps!, there is a hole drilled into the block, which I used to insert the lights into. The hole size is only 1/2 inch, but the lights did go inside. I used a 35 count string from Lowe's. I stamped hanna on vellum and colored her with Copics. I used an overlay of double sided tape in about a 5x5 size for my 6x6 inch block. Then I added small microbeads to the front.

I plan to add another Hanna image to the back as soon as I get the next set, "Tis the Season" I can't decide which way I like the blocks better, beaded or plain. My son wanted me to bead the birds, but I really like them plain. I think if you plan to microbead them, they look better with lights inside.

I am somewhat of a plain and simple gal. My son, however, has grand plans to create his own night light with a set of penguin rub ons and beads. He is always crafting, too, so, i'll post wht he creates as well.
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New Creations

Today I thought I would mix things up a bit and post a photo of a bracelet that I made. For those of you who don't know, I am a glass artist and make glass beads. I learned to do silver work a few months ago, and I added silver charms that I made to this bracelet.
The colors don't look nearly as vibrant on the computer as they do in real life. The white beads have small flowers on them that remind me of Mary Engelbreit and the other colors are all very bright and fun. the swarovski crystals are in shades of Fushia, Grape, and Padparasha (or Pink Purple and Orange). The components are all sterling silver.
I love the bright cheerfulness this bracelet conveys. I am almost done with Halloween beads for the season and moving into Christmas beads. Hallowen beads are fun to make, but I sell so many little snowman beads during the Holiday season that i just can't complain about making what people enjoy buying.
I haven't made cards this wekend, I have been waiting for the new Hanna Stamps set to arrive. The next release date for Hanna Stamps is Friday Oct 26. Since I am on the Design Team, I am eagerly waiting for them so I have things made by the release date. I just wasn't feeling the love for other stamps this weekend, I am saving my energy for Hanna.

Grand Plans

I suppose we all have grand plans for our blogs, don't we? Or at least I had plans that this would be easier than it is turning out to be. I have photos to show you, but still need help uploading them. Right now that means I need the undivided attention of my husband. His attention is very divided these days and, sadly, he does not have all the time in the world just to serve my needs. Things like work, the house, the kids, more work, get in the way.

I start every day thinking about what I will upload that night, so I wait to update till my husband is here. Then we get busy and nothing gets done on the blog. I decided today to skip the dreams of uploading and just post.

I have a busy crafting day ahead. I am working on lighted glass blocks and am making some without lights, only rub ons. I have found that you can purchase glass blocks at Menards in all shapes and sizes but that they have a painted coating on the edges. I soaked some in hot soapy water and was able to get the paint off, but it did take some elbow grease.

I am also teaching a class this afternoon on stamping on tiles. I had it scheduled for last weekend, but it got moved as people wanted to bring their kids. It is a craft that kids can do, but my kids are on break from school today and they want to go out. I had my oldest call his Grandma this morning and it worked like a charm. She is coming to get the boys and take them to a movie.

If I call my mom, she may or may not care about the fact that I would like a brief break from the kids. Mostly I don't ask because I am tired of the grand parents being too busy to ever see the grandchildren. But I have found that if my kids call Grandma, she's happy to hear from them and will come do something with the boys. It's a scheme, that's for sure. But it works.

Secondary Post Today

Nevermind what I have to say below about photos being on the right and left. I made it work on my computer, but it wouldn't stay that way when I posted. My husband said that the photos are too wide for the format, which is why they are on top of each other. It stinks, but that's the way it is.

Tin hanna

The picture on the left is an image of Hanna from Hanna Stamps! I put her into a little tin from Maya Road and cut a hole in the top with my Crop A Dile. I pulled through some gingham ribbon to make a loop, added some fluff for snow, and there ya have it.
I LOVE these little tins, but I can't find them anywhere. Usually Maya Road sells them with flowers or some other papercrafting supply inside and they cost a few dollars each. I have been trying to find an online source for these but haven't had any luck. I know you can get them empty for a dollar or dollar fifty each, but the Maya Road store locator function on their web site has been down for like, forever. Anyhow, I am too cheap to pay more than about fifty cents per tin.
You can get a pack of thirty tens for twenty bucks at Michaels. Of course, if you use a forty percent off coupon, it would be about twelve bucks for thirty tins. The problem? Their tins are a bit deep for my purposes where this one is nice and flat. Maya Road tins also have a pretty design around the lid. It's a great bonus, but being able to get a decent price is an even better bonus.
I am so happy playing with my Hanna Stamps and seeing what Hanna will do next. There will be another set ready for relaease soon and I really cannot wait!
The photo to the right has a great little tin for Nugget candies that we all love. The tin and the idea came from Papertrey Ink but the darling Hanna that I used came from Hanna Stamps!.
You can actually get the tins a lot cheaper from Specialty Bottle, but I didn't know that when I ordered from Papertrey. Plus, the shipping from Specialty Bottle is a little high for my taste.
I was playing around and remembered that I had seen someone stamp a Santa image onto the nuggets and thought I would give Hanna a try. I think she turned out great, although I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to make Hanna a set of triplets or if I wanted to color each image dfferently. I opted to use my prisma color pencils and make each Hanna have her own personality. Now I don't want to eat her! I added some translucent glittery fluff to help package her. I know there has to be a better name for the stuff, but I can't think of it at the moment.
Do you get the impression that I am a bit on the cheap side? Well, it's a one income family here and I gotta stretch my crafting dollars.

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Second Post

Well, Look at that! My friend Steph didn't want me to feel lonely so she sent some friends over my way. That's very nice of her.

I had lunch with Steph and our friend Rebecca today. Rebecca works in a small office with not alot of people around. She is very good at everything she does, but the lack of company might bother me. There are men who are in and out and I get the idea that they are young and not really the brightest or most conversationalist of men. I'd be bored to tears. I hope she gets a few months out of it and then can move on to something else.

Another thing about being alone in the office is that I'd be tempted to nap on company time. And that would be a very bad thing!

First Day

I thought I would come into the world of technology and get myself a blog like everybody else. I plan to post pictures of my crafty creations and hope you will like what I am working on.