School Days Again

Ah, the lovely return to school. What you don't see in this photo is the box of Dunkin Donuts that Seth carried in for his teacher. We know what it takes to get ahead! Seth went off to school in a good mood since he got the teacher he had been hoping for and knew that he would have some friends in his classroom.
Noah's school starts so early that if he rode the bus he would be out in the near dark of the morning waiting for it to arrive, since it comes before 7 AM. I had that happen to me, too. Lucky for him it would be a 20 minute ride on the bus. For me, it was an hour each way. And no, I am not telling stories about how hard life was when I was a kid, we lived far away from the school, and made lots of stops, that's the truth! Noah will pose for one picture on the first day of school, any more than that and I am pushing my luck. We car pool Noah to and from school so he gets some extra time in the morning.
Noah had a hard first day. One of his main teachers sent him home with 200 math problems for homework and she went through his pencil pouch and edited out what she did not want him to have. She also won't let him sit with his foot tucked up under him, the way he finds comfortable. All his previous teachers have been fine with the way he sits. I called around to a few people who know this lady and was told she was a total control freak. Uh, maybe someone could have mentioned that at his IEP in the spring? When you hear stories from other kids that she threw a stapler at one of them and slammed another into the wall, and none of her colleagues know if the stories are true or not and say "well, they might be, I hear a lot of stuff about her." That's a sign. I called her this morning and asked if we could come meet her, but she hasn't called back. I struggle not to be a helicopter parent and not being too involved with my kids' business. I would like to hear her view of things, because Noah's isn't pretty.

I made paper dividers for these little metal cases I had on hand. They previously help Build A Brad sets from Stampin Up! I put Sweedish fish and gummy worms into my little tackle boxes and printed out "Hooked on Learning." Seth is taking these in today for his teacher and the music teacher. They'll enjoy them. I love to send in gifts for the kids to take to school, but now that Noah is in Middle School that kind of frivolity stops. It makes me sad, but that's the way it is.


Lynn said...

I always enjoy hearing what's happening with the Workman family. Never fear about the teacher gifts. When your boys are too old to take gifts I know a few people who would always LOVE to receive them. =)
Have a great school year, fingers crossed for luck!

Katie said...

The first week or so is always bumpy with a new teacher. Love the tackle boxes, you are so crafty!

crazed lunatic said...

Sorry to hear that Noah had a rough start.... :-( Thinking of him and wishing the best for this transition!

And Seth just looks older to me in that pic.... When did our little ones become big ones?

Anonymous said...

Just a comment about sitting on your foot. One of my customers complained about some physical aliment[don't remember what.] I mentioned it to a friend who is a soft muscle message therapist. Her first comment was "Does she sit on her foot?" She stopped sitting on her foot and the pain went away!
Some people just don't know how to convey information well.
Good luck

crazed lunatic said...

ahem....anybody out there? ;-)