So this is pretty much how crafts happen. At least at my house. I was at the fabric store looking for some fabric for a sewing idea I had. I spotted a bin of wool sweaters and a pattern about how to make a bag out of old sweaters. You just get a wool sweater, felt it in your washer (wash in hot water so the fibers shrink) and cut it according to the pattern. Voila, you have a bag.

So, I got a sweater at Goodwill and washed it, cut it, and made a bag. Only it was too big and really not pretty. So, I searched the internet and found a mitten pattern, like the mittens I saw in the store for $40.00 last week. So now I am cutting up felted wool pieces and making mittens.

The two photos are of different mitten sets, even if the colors are the same, I put them in different places on the mittens. You are supposed to sew the cuffs of the sweaters onto the bottoms of the mittens for edging, but I noticed if you use the sweater band you don't need to do the edging. And I am all about cutting out a step or two if I can.
So, I have cut up sweater pieces around the house. The problem is that they are bulky to have around. I have only made a couple of pairs so far, but Noah and Seth each took a pair right away that they claim to love, so I can call this craft a success since it is kid tested and approved.


crazed lunatic said...

please tell Noah that he needs to let his friend Steph borrow his mittens, as he won't be needing them where he's going... k? ;-)

Shoe Gal said...

You are so darn creative! They look so cozy warm!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Oh that's fantastic. Share the mitten "recipe"?