Oh No, Not Again!

If you are tired of looking a my mittens, imagine how tired I am of making them. After starting this mitten craft with sweaters from the Goodwill store, I quickly realized I had a whole lot of wool and needed to make something else. So, I started making Christmas stockings. I made 13 of them and they are completely made and complete. Mittens? I am still fussing around with them. Some (read most) still need an edging around the bottom and I am trying to add edging while keeping the mittens stretchable. A harder task than you might think.
I went to a card class in Nashville In a few weeks ago taught by Michelle Zindorf. she uses brayers on her cards and they are quite different from what you would usually find. I thought I would show you what I made, but I can't find my cards. That is the story of my life right now. I am not very well organized and I try to keep things picked up. So, I pick up things and put them away, then forget where I put them *sigh*
I need the holidays to be over so I can do a good cleaning around here. You know, tidy up the craft stuff, toss out scraps I don't need and get everything squared away. Of course, I don't want to wish the holidays away before they are even here. Maybe Santa will bring me some organization skills this year.


Gina said...

I likie all your mittens! How was the Zindorf class? I couldn't make it up there for that one, but can't wait to see what you created!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - funny how you mentioned mittens - I have been making some too, they are so soft and cozy, I'll have a post about them soon. Yours are looking great - I am so happy you come by my blog and commented - I love finding new blogs to read and yours looks fabulous!!

crazed lunatic said...

I do love me my mittens, Judy! And you're a lot more organized than I am... so if Santa brings you organization skills, maybe he can bring me some, too. ;-)

Aaron has a cheeseball with your name on it.... ;-)

Auntie said...

Looking forward to seeing those new cards you made with the brayer when you find them!

Auntie said...

Hey, did you get the set of clay tools and cuts I had? I would like to borrow them if you did. Of course just when I thought I wouldn't ever use them, I would like to use them. Let me know!

Wendy Piersall said...

LOVE what you've done with the mittens! But even stranger - I have that EXACT same red sweater from my own Goodwill store that I've felted and was going to make into a craft as well! How weird! :)