Not Much, That's What I Got

I have not felt terribly crafty since I finished up the mittens and stockings. So, there isn't much to report on the Crafting front. I did make an ornament for a friend who is a wicked game player. She will be horrified that I used Scrabble tiles, thinking I broke up a perfectly good game. But the truth is that I ordered the tiles from ebay a while back, thus rescuing what might have otherwise been seen as (gasp) trash. I found out some time later that you an also buy fake scrabble tiles in the section of the local; craft store that sells wooden pieces, making it much easier to craft with them since you won't need to purchase a game, or search for tile parts on the internet.
Our next door neighbors moved away recently and I went to meet the new neighbors yesterday, taking homemade cinnamon hot cocoa mix and homemade granola with me. The wife came over last night with some homemade cookies warm from the oven. Oh, I think I really like these people! I made lemon cookies for a cookie exchange Friday. Now, I make a decent size thick cookie, right? My neighbors toffee cookies are next to my lemon cookies in this photo. Yep. She can kick my cookie baking butt. I hope she shares her secrets. They tasted yummy, too.
I am meeting my friend Maria today. She is moving to Brazil on Friday and I cannot even tell you how much I am going to miss her. But I will be every happy to see her in Brazil soon! When? I don't know, but I know I am visiting as soon as I can.


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Lynn said...

Love the scrabble tile idea. cute =) I would love to have your lemon cookie recipe if you are willing to share. Tim's favorite dessert is lemon bars.
Have a great week =)

Auntie said...

Who is that Anonymous post think they are?? Arg!

The cookies look wonderful! You are also a 'mean' chocolate chip cookie maker if I do say so myself! They are one of the best I have ever tasted!

Thanks again for being Santa's helper tonight. I hope you like the tamales.

Rainy Daisy said...

whoa! Nothing crazier than a cookie competition! hehe. Sounds wonderful. I also love the idea of making ornaments from old game pieces. What a great way to buy up (cheap) games from thrift shops with missing pieces and put them to good use, instead of the (gasp!) trash. I've also heard about using old game cards (candy land, etc.) as holiday gift tags. Cute, no?

Gina said...

Love the ornament, but those lemon cookies look divine!

Shoe Gal said...

Hey, Aunt Judy. I found this and thought you might be interested. They reminded me a bit of the little people you make.

Anonymous said...

would you mind emailing me directions on how you get your cookies thick. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The last time I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies they spread out and ended up being almost see through :( They still tasted good :)
maureen (moheron at msn dot com)