Winter Knits

See these fingerless mitts? I never thought they were exactly the brightest idea out in the knitting world. My fingers are the coldest part of me when I am outdoors. Who wears these things? Well, never mind. A friend got a pair for Christmas that had owls on them and I immediately knew that I had to knit a pair. My MIL loves owls and she loves handmade stuff from me. I found the pattern and knit her up a pair as fast as I could. I guess my thumb is hiding in the picture, but they really do have a thumb gusset in them.
Because the mitts felt like an incomplete gift I knit her a cowl, too. It was part of my plan for the Knitting Olympics. To compete in the Olympics you choose a challenging project that has to be knit in the 17 days that the Olympics last. You cast on at the Opening Ceremony and have to finish by the closing ceremony. I learned cabling for the mitts and learned to read (and knit) a lace chart for the cowl. Whew. I learned two new skills and completed my items before the end of the games. That means I am a gold medalist!

This is the full length of the cowl after blocking, but before buttons. See? Lace. The buttons add some extra bling to the cowl, and you know how I love some bling.

I made Taco Salad for dinner the other night. My youngest thought I was crazy for photographing it. Why not? It was very pretty and I love it enough I could eat it every night. The recipe? Lettuce, shredded cheese, ranch dressing, taco meat. Crunch some fritos on top and you've got dinner. I give it a healthy dose of tomatoes in summer, but the tomatoes at the store are not worthy enough to be purchased this time of year.
It looks like my little blog has 6 followers. I have to find a way to check and see who you are. I had no idea I had "followers". How fun! Maybe I can convince you all to check out my little etsy store in the sidebar. More will be added soon to my store.


lynn said...

I'll follow you any where!

Auntie said...

Taco salad...yummy!

I Care Because? said...

Couldn't figure out what I was going to have for dinner; now I know. Mmm, taco salad. :) Oh, and by the way, I love the knitting projects. And I agree with you about the fingerless mittens. They kind of remind me of those winter vests that are always so popular in the stores. What's the point of those vests, anyway? Are they for those days that your chest is cold, but your arms are really, really hot?" And when do you have those kinds of days? But I digress. I should've just said I wish I could knit.

Anonymous said...

I am a follower!
Yes, I have to say, who needs to be a leader when you have a knitting gold medalist as you guide!
I really enjoy reading your blog, and I miss you a lot when several days go by without your postings.
They have a knitting club here, that I will be joining next week.
The mittens look lovely!

Africakid said...

I know fingerless mittens aren't the most practical, but they're so cute! Ha. You'll always find a way to add bling...

Africakid said...
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