Home Spun Fun

For Buy and Sell Day at school, Seth is also making lip balm. You can see the ingredients above. It is really very easy. The recipe is supposed to be 1T Vaseline and 1 t Kool Aid. You melt the Vaseline a bit in the microwave and mix in the Kool Aid. We found the recipe a bit strong and added more Vaseline to the mix. We put the mixture in small (non food grade) bead containers from Joann Fabrics (bought with a coupon!). You may remember Seth made and sold these out in front of our house last summer, like a lemonade stand. We decorated the tops with small pieces of paper cut with a circle punch and decorated with rubber stamps. I am sorry I don't have the finished product to show you, they are cute.
I knitted up a market bag from a pattern I found on It is called a Hexagonal Bag. Seth says he likes it, but he wouldn't put raspberries in it.

Here is another photo of it, without the model. It was super easy to knit, and took 2.5 balls of Sugar and Cream cotton (bought at Michael's, regular cost $1.79 a ball.)

And a photo of Mumbles wearing his hat. On days when it is cold enough to wear his hat to school, Seth makes sure Mumbles has his on, too.
As for Noah, he is busy with track. He throws discus and shot put. He came home very happy the other day that there is one kid on the team who is worse than him. He threw something 13 feet and this kid can only throw about 12 feet. the school record is 40 feet. As long as he is happy, we are happy. He seems to love it, so we encourage this activity.


crazed lunatic said...

hope Seth's buy/sell day goes well!

and Mumbles must be very happy indeed to have such a wonderful hat. :-)

the market bag is super-cute, too....

thanks for meeting me for lunch! :-)

Africakid said...

I can't believe how many amazing projects you post! You're Miss Creative (and your kids too).

Shoe Gal said...

You keep so busy! Making lip balm sounds like fun. I might have to try it out. Your little apprentice is so cute, too. Glad that Noah enjoys the track and field activities...just like his dad, right? I remember Mr. Monahan proudly showing me photos of Scott doing hurdles in high school.