It's A Miracle

My friend Maria called last week and told me that she lives vicariously through my blog and that when i don't update, she is very sad. well, what is a friend to do? I get off my lazy behind and post some of the pictures I have taken. I am a good friend! The picture above is of the Christmas presents I have wrapped already. I know, it's barely October. But Christmas comes at the same time each year and is year I am determined to be ready to meet it head on.

I give little homemade gifts to the children's Sunday school teachers at church. This year I didn't make the gifts, but, still, they are homemade. Everyone is getting a duet of two crocheted wash/dish cloths. I found a lady who sells them for a dollar each and I have been buying all I can for presents. I hope everybody wants to be eco friendly this year!

Seth's teacher had a birthday in September and I made her a little person. I had not gotten out my wooden pieces in a while, so this was fun to do again.
I found a link to and her High Hat Cupcakes. I just had to try them. I made the cupcakes from a box mix and then you make the marshmallow topping and pipe it on as high as you can. After you have the topping, you turn it over and dip it into melted chocolate. Oh. My. Word. These were so good! I cannot even tell you how enjoyable I found these. My tops got a little flat, but the taste was divine.

I took Seth to the state fair and we spent some time at the Agricultural displays. This year they had a jar set up and were taking pictures of people who had been canned. Seth thought he would be funny and pretend to be trapped in the jar. He and his brother are always the comedians.
School is fine, the laundry piles up and I wish dinner would make itself. Pretty much nothing changes around her. It is life as usual. And a good life it is!


Auntie said...

I too have been coming around your blog to see things! Glad you updated some pictures. Thanks and I want the cupcake recipe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update!
As always a whole variety of crafts and yummy stuff!
The little wooden teacher is so cute!
And yes, I always look forward to see your cool ideas! Enjoy the season, I am missing it here in SaoPaulo, I still have a little place in the house with the Halloween decoration. Thanks again.

Shoe Gal said...

Those kids are so funny! Oh, the cupcakes look so yummy, too. I started addressing Christmas cards, but I've still got to convince Aaron to sit for a picture. Every year it's a fight. Looks like you're well on your way to a stress-free Christmas season!