My Yarny Goodness

I know, I know, it's been a while since I blogged. seriously, who blogs anymore? It's almost a dead medium in our 140 words or less Twitter universe. At any rate, I have been knitting. Up first is Seth posing in my first ever hand made shawl. it is knitted in Cascade 220 and the pattern is Garter Leaves. In my knitting group at Christmas we did a Dirty Santa exchange of shawl patterns and yarns. This is what I won. I absolutely love it. I wear it with a feminine white blouse, but with Seth, I couldn't be so picky.
I have lots of random yarn pictures on the blog today. Why, you wonder? Because I want to trade away some of my yarn on the world's best ever knitting web site, Ravelry. In order to post pictures of the yarn there, it has to link somewhere though, and I have nowhere to put my pics but right here.

I am hoping to attract people who like sock yarn and sparkles. The yarns need to have a trade value of about 20 bucks per batch, so I am putting my yarns together in lots that match.

I am hoping to trade out a few skeins that are currently just taking up space in my stash and make money at the same time. Genius, eh?
There is not much news to report. For fun we finally subscribed to netflix and are watching back to back episodes of Prison Break. Thankfully the children find this a miserable;e way to be entertained and generally leave us alone to watch TV in peace. It's a win/win situation for us boring old people!
Winter has been here in full force for many months now. It seems like we got snow before Thanksgiving and we still have it. The cold hasn't really broken and everyday is a grey day. My spirits are good despite the depressing weather, maybe because my husband is vacuuming the house as I write this and there is nothing I like more than a man who cleans.


Africakid said...

Hope your weather turns sunny soon!

Your son is such a good sport about posing--do you bribe him or what? My youngest is becoming picture-shy...but I guess I acted the same way in high school.

Anonymous said...

What a great sport Seth is! He looks fantastic in everything he models for you.

Bev Gerard said...

Honestly, Judy!
Your talents are so far-reaching! My DDIl adores knitting ... I might suggest a dual-purpose visit! I STILL need your beading guidance & expertise .. while I know that Gail would adore your knitty know-how! Is that perfect or "what"!?!?