Me and My Shadow

I have a shadow, his name is Seth. Everywhere that I go, my shadow goes. Everything that I do, my shadow does. I sat down today to cut apart sweaters as I (still) have not finished crafting with them, and Seth came to help. When I stood up, he sat in my chair. When I put my scissors down, he took them for his use. See the sweater parts he has his hands on? He took them from me and has plans to create sweater animals from them. This is my new craft:

Making flowers from sweaters. It's a great idea, but it uses up sweater pieces even slower than the mitten making did. I have a neighbor who recently got "gifted" her mother's old jewelry. I begged the clip on earrings from her, and am using them for the inner part flower. I also have some felted fleece pieces for the inner aprt of the flowers, but I had to buy them from Etsy. The clip ons were free, baby, and that is always the right price for me.

Once again, I find this very addictive and just can't stop, despite the pleas from Seth that I finish making the hat I am knitting for him. I just knit him a hat for Christmas, so it isn't like his ears are cold or anything. Plus, I have knitting of my own I'd like to do. has a pattern for French Press Slippers I am dying to make. I can make a pair with one skein of wool yarn and they are desperately calling my name.
If you still read here, please comment. I have so few commenters that I get seriously lonely.


Anonymous said...

Do not feel lonely!
I read your blog all the time
I am back in Sao PAulo, and I have internet, but just 1 computer and 9 people in my house, it feels like my turn never comes!!
Keep blogging and showing your beautiful creations!
I miss you!

Lynn said...

Your shadow just knows what an amazing person you are! I don't have your talent but I'd sit in your seat any day =)
By the way, sweater flowers are incredibly cute.

Anonymous said...

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crazed lunatic said...

Thanks for lunch today... and the gift of alcohol, which will keep on giving... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

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Shoe Gal said...

Isn't it sad when you get spam in your comments area?

I read your blog, Judy, all the time...I get lonely on my blog, too...I think you are the only one who is nice enough to comment on it!

Auntie said...

One day your shadow will leave home and you are going to look back and remember at these days.

Hope you are well.

Auntie said...

My comment above didn't make sense but I am sure you can read between the lines..... : )

Gina said...

Great way to repurpose jewelry!