We Have Returned

Scott likes to go on vacation after Christmas and when he mentioned Florida, I was immediately interested. It means 1) I won't be trapped in the house with the kids with only my wits to keep them entertained and 2) Florida is warm. Well, this year Florida must have known we were coming, because they had a cold front come in. It wasn't horrible for us, but definitely cooler than expected. I have very few beach photos because the beach is always cooler than the land due to the wind. Noah and Scott did get up early one day and see the sunrise and this is a photo of that endeavor.

I kept myself entertained by knitting. These are the cozies I made that go around a cup of coffee, so you don't have to use (and throw away) a cardboard sleeve every time you get some take out coffee. I didn't keep count when I was making them, I just kept knitting. You can see I still have one in progress. I was busily knitting along when Scott started to tell me how great the book he was reading happened to be. When he finished it, I picked it up, and any thoughts I had about knitting quickly subsided. The book is A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson and talks hilariously about his attempt at walking the Appalachian Trail. Bill is so funny I want to read every last book he has written.
I got a loom for Christmas and Scott put it together for me, so now I can't wait to work on that. No pictures to show, since there is nothing in progress. Hopefully soon.
The dog is back from the kennell, the guinea pigs will be home soon, laundry is done and dinner is in the oven, so it was a productive day for me. Tomorrow? I get to do it all over again.


Lynn said...

You sound like wonder woman! I hope your holiday was restful. With all you are up to it sounds like you will the rest =)

crazed lunatic said...

i so would love to be able to knit... tho it looks so darn hard. LOL

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