Again, the Camera

Oh yeah, believe me when I tell you that I have a lot to show you. Too bad I lost the camera and cannot prove to you how productive I am. I swear I saw it just the other day. Now it is nowhere to be found.

This is the last week of school for the kiddos so I am busy. There is an end of the year party, a review of the year's activity on video for everyone, a music program, a sending off party for the Fourth Graders as they move to the Intermediate School next year, a pizza party, an Honor Roll award ceremony. My youngest went to a minor league baseball game last week and my oldest goes bowling with his class this week. In order to make the baseball game an educational field trip the kids are to keep game stats, and they do a math unit at school related to the game. As for bowling? it is just a way to spend the last day of school and have it count into the 180 days required by state law.

I am trying to tidy up loose ends and get ready for summer with kids. Stocking up at the grocery without them underfoot, a trip to Target that is not for water guns or slip and slides, much to their dismay. One last call for clothes for me. My kids like to shop, but only when something is in it for them, so there is a lot to work off of my to do list before they overtake it and my schedule.

I knitted a three way scarf and went I went to look for my camera to photograph it. I was told by Seth that he needed a fee for all the male modeling I have him do. So, I had the dog model it for me. She works for kibble and appreciates the little joys in life. If you happen to be on my gift list, please excuse the dog hair. I also made a lacy baktus. I knitted some of it at the hospital last week when my dad had shoulder replacement surgery and my mom did not even pretend to like it. Funny how friends will love whatever you make. But family? It's the wrong color, wrong weight, wrong pattern. No attempt to be polite in telling you how much your project really isn't what they like. You would think the people who are stuck with you would at least try to be polite about it.

Oh well, it helps to know who deserves hand made gifts and who does not. The sun is shining, the pool will be open soon, and I will be sleeping in. Life is good.

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crazed lunatic said...

I love your stuff, even when YOU don't like it. :-) my green bag is PERFECT for my karate clothes. :-)

Glad that you and Miss Becca had a fun lunch today!