Late Update

I would love to update my blog with photos but it seems that while I wasn't looking, Picasa changed inside my computer and I am not able right now to load photos. I would have Scott help me, but his office is in the process of moving and he is figuring out office space, placement of staff, and fielding off the infighting that comes with a move. It doesn't matter that they are moving two blocks away, it could be two states away, the work is tremendous for him right now. If I see him before June I will be lucky.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and I made handmade gifts for the kids to take in to their teachers and other staff members everyday. I made Strawberry Freezer Jam, Homemade Granola, Individual Pies in a jar, Cupcakes in a Jar, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and ended the week with a stamped and framed piece of art about being a teacher. I'll have to share the pictures for sure (when I can.) You can google my gift ideas and find all kinds of recipes.

My life is busy with track practice and meets and running my oldest back and forth. Poor kid had been asking about coconuts all weekend. They had some at school and he wanted to use his new found skill to open some at home. He wanted to drink the juice and carve the meat out. we finally located some and let him have a go at them last night. Seth wants to dye Easter eggs as we didn't do that before the holiday. I am more than happy to do that as well, if we can find the time. I set aside some ugly white-ish wool yarn, and I want to dye the yarn with the left over egg dyes. Again, I learned how to do this on the Internet. Google yarn dying and you will find all kinds of ideas and you tube videos.

Sorry it has been so long between updates, but I am busy living life, rather than blogging about it, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back, I was missing you

crazed lunatic said...

you're so much better than me, babe.... I gave the stuff that I was supposed to give on Valentine's day. LOL I wish I was as good as you. :-)

Hope you're still liking your sweater and not mourning the loss of the $$ that went into the yarn! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am happy to say I am one of the lucky teachers who was on the receiving end of one of your awesome creations!
You are an amazing woman! Thanks for being so wonderful =)

Africakid said...

Isn't the internet a great source of gift ideas? Although I have to say, I usually find the idea and think about it...and that's all. You've gone the extra kilometer... Bet those teachers love you!