Craft sales

I came across a post on SplitCoast about making your own lip gloss. It is incredibly easy, so Seth wanted to make lip gloss and have a sale. We found tubs to hold the lip gloss in the bead aisle at WalMart. They are actually a case of 24 little round bead holders, but work great for the gloss. Seth also stamped on dominoes and had supplies ready so they could be turned into magnets or pins you can wear, depending on the desires of the buyer.

You can see how sweet the lip gloss looks in the little containers. When I made lip gloss I used a 1 and 1/4 inch circle punch and thought it worked perfectly for the size of the lid. Seth liked the look of the scallop punch so that was what he chose to use. I don't know the name of the scallop punch, but it is the yellow sized one from Marvy Uchida.
Here is the recipe: 1 T vaseline and 1 t kool aid powder. You are supposed to warm the vaseline in the microwave for abot 20 seconds so it is easier to mix with the powder. You can choose whatever flavor you like, but I caution you that Grape kool aid turns a greyish color with the vaseline and does not look good, though it tastes great. I thought this was fun to do and would be great for a child's birthday party activity. The stamps for the top of the lip gloss are from Clear Dollar samps and only cost $4.99 for a set of 19 stamps. It was both inexpensive and easy, just the kind of craft that I love!


Lynn said...

Love it! I may have to do this with my students.

Gina said...

These look really great. I have that set and have used it to make lip gloss too, although we haven't attempted the grape, since we are all about pink!

Auntie said...

How did the sell go?

Holley said...

What a cool project!!


Kayla said...

This is so cute! I just whipped up some grape (you were right about the color and flavor!) but did you find that your lip gloss felt scratchy (like you could feel the grains of powder)? How did you eliminate this?