Histoplasmosis? Yeah, I don't know what it is either, but it is likely Scott has it. It is called "the dirt germ" because it is a germ that lives in dirt and when fields are plowed (and such) the germ spreads through the air for miles around. You inhale it and... viola! You have histoplasmosis!

Scott has now had his X rays, Cat scan and Pet scan and consulted with a lung surgeon who will do the lung biopsy Friday (we check in at 6AM). They take out tiny lung pieces and check out his enlarged lymph nodes and after a few days of microscope checking they'll confirm the diagnosis. They could change the diagnosis, but since this is treatable and curable, we are hoping this is all it is. Left untreated it is fatal. Whew, what a day.

To make my life more complicated my father had a stroke on Monday. Thankfully it was a minor one. He has been in the hospital and should get out today. Scott and I are car sharing this week as both cars needed some maintenance, so I have not been out to visit him. We thought Scott's tires needed rotating so he went to check them, and they were so bare, the metal under the tire was showing. He drives very little in his car, so he must have really had cheap tires on it from when we purchased the car.

No matter, I still find time to craft. the card today was made with an image from Stampotique and the paper is from a Stampin Up paper pack. The buttons and twine are from Papertrey Ink. My house is clean and dinner is about to head to the crock pot, so if I can get a grip on the laundry I'll be in good shape. But I would really rather nap.


Lynn said...

you know you and your family will be in my prayers! If you need to use my car please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are going up for your whole family. I hope the biopsy goes well.
Nana S.

Gina said...

Hope he is felling better soon, who knew something like that existed?

crazed lunatic said...

((hugs)) how did the biopsy go? when will you find out?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Judy
Thanks so much for stopping by today
The card looks really great in "real life" (as my children say).
I hope everything is going Ok at home and waiting for the results on Wednesday.
How did you remember about my birthday with all the things you have going on right now?
Thanks so much for being such a nice friend!
My whole family will be thinking about your family this week.