Pie Day

Not really pie day at my house as much as it was pie weekend. Last week Seth wanted to make a pie we call Marshmallow Mermaid Pie. We saw the movie Waitress which mentions this pie, but does not tell you what is in it, so we made up our own version at home. It is pistachio on the bottom and chocolate on top with a decoration of colorful marshmallows around the edges.

When I bought ingredients for this pie, I saw that half and half was on sale, which is the base for my cream pies, so I made 4 Banana Cream pies this weekend. Scott has two employees whose wives LOVE my banana cream pie so 2 of the piues will go to them and 2 went to people I know who are big fans of this pie as well. Not to be outdone, Scott and Noah made 2 strawberry pies. I have not tried them yet, but I can tell you strawberry pie and ice cream is calling to me from the depths of my fridge and I cannot wait to try them out.

I did make a card today but decided not to post it. The challenge at SCS was to make a card with a grid design on it. It was fairly easy to do, but making it look good added another diffuculty level.

We are off to karate and the library as our big plans for the day. I have no idea what dinner will be, but at least I have dessert covered!


Africakid said...

I've been craving pies lately! Maybe it has to do with my visit to Indiana and all the yummy homemade pies I saw in Brown County restaurants.

Yours look equally good!

crazed lunatic said...

mmmmm...i want to crawl into the computer with a spoon! ;-)

Lynn said...

pie, did someone say pie?

Gina said...

Wow, Pie Day sounds delish!