This is for the sketch challenge of the day at SCS. I used an image from Doodle Factory and a quote from Inkadinkado. the paper is largely scraps and bazzill remnants.

I thought I would have a nice quiet day but Noah called at 7:30 today and said Dad had packed Seth's notebook in his folder, and he needed some books that got left at home. That adds two errands to my day that I didn't want to run. I am waiting for the day that I say to the kids "Too bad." If you don't care to pack your own stuff up, don't complain when your parents get it wrong.

I have to be at the elementary school at the end of the day to talk to the Girl Scouts about wearable art for a badge they are going toe arn, and help them all make beaded jewelry. I did the cheap thing and bought Stretch Mag cord for the bracelets, now I just have to get beads and come up with something that sounds intelligient to say.


Anonymous said...

As long as you have kids or husbands your life is never yours. But how boring life would be without them, huh??? After kids then you get to worry about grandkids.
Try to have a good day anyway.
Nana S.

Auntie said...

How did it go?