Wicked Tired

If you come here for cards, you are disappointed once again. What can I say? I woke up this morning so tired I would not have gotten myself or Seth out of bed except for the fact that he is trying to get a perfect attendance award for the year at school. So, the pressure is on and I can't blow this for him.
I did finish a scarf the other day. I'd love to tell you what I knit it with, but the yarn name is foreign and I cannot remember it. It is a lovely color scheme of lime green, blue and purple. I took my photo outside in full sun, but still no luck in showing how gorgeous it is in real life.
I am going to Michigan for the weekend, levaing bright and early Friday morning, so you likely won't her from me again until Monday. I am off to a card/papercraft weekend. Sadly, no vendors will be there so I have to take all I ned along with me. That won't be easy because I don't want to check a bag, if I do, I have to pay $15.00 each way for the first bag. I'll be carrying it all on, but can't carry on my scissors, I have to pack carefully.


Summerthyme Studio said...

Have fun this weekend!!!!


Katie said...

Beautiful scarf! Is that the Homespun One Row pattern from Yarn Harlot? Love that one.

Have a great time this weekend!