Just a Little Somethin'

I cannot resist another opportunity to play in a challenge. Todays colors are Pink Passion, Kiwi Kiss and Chocolate Chip. Personally? I think I rocked it. Finally, I made a card I really like. I post a lot, but I only love a few.

Today I am basically wasting time before the real work of the day happens. My car is in the shop, getting the bumper repaired from an accident at the shop where they spilled brake fluid on it and it ate the paint off. Oh, don't ask! So, I am home with no car. That means I have no excuse to not do the laundry or avoid picking up. I need to get to work so I can sit and knit for the rest of the day. My oldest is out of school everyday at 2:10 and that means I pretty much get a morning to myself and after lunch, it is the kids' time. It doesn't work for me, but I am not in charge of the school calendar. Too bad.


Tracey said...

A gorgeous card Judy!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card!!!

crazed lunatic said...

you really did rock that card, girlie! :-)

Summerthyme Studio said...

She looks Aweomse!!!!