My True Love

I enjoy baking much more than cooking. My cooking seems to only involve complaints from my children when they have to eat it. It can kill any sense of pleasure I might have had in skillfully preparing and presenting nutrtious food to the hungry masses. So, when wrote about cake balls, I knew I had found love. True Love. I beg you to go to her site to visit the cuteness. My post pales in comparison.
First you make a cake mix and bak it in a 9x13 inch pan. When it cools you crumble it up and add almost a can of frosting. You can add the whole can if you like, but I find it gooey-er that way and a bit more sticky. You take the crumbled cake/frosting mixture and roll it into balls. My photo is of my favorite, Red Velvet cake.
Then you use a candy mold shaped like a Reece's peanut butter cup and fill it half way with melted chocolate/candy flavors. The brand we have around here is Wilton's Candy Melts but you can use Almond Bark too. You put acake ball into each candy mold so the chocolate comes up to the top of the mold and then I refrigerate it till firm. Once firm, remove them from the mold and dip the top into more melted chocolate/candy. Top with a red M&M and some sprinkles.

I made strawberry ones and lemon ones as well. My family is going to a church retreat this weekend so this will be the snack I take along to share. Our school is also having a bake sell so I am making and plating a few dozen for that, too. In order to not get them mixed up, the strawberry one shave a pink to and the lemon ones have yellow on top.

I have not yet finished the last batch of Red Velvet, but they will get an assigned color, too, and will have a brown chocolate base. The red color is beautiful to bite into and the chocolate taste is to die for. Sadly, not everyone I know enjoys chocolate, which explains the variety of flavors.
I have had a cold for about a week now. I went to the doctor yesteday hoping I really had developed a sinus infection. Why? At least a sinus infection is treatable. Instead, it is a cold/sinus problem. I did get some meds to help kill the pain but I am still sick and tired. My day will bring me a long nap in bed and a trip to school to deliver my treats. You know I don't feel well when I am too ill to play in the card challenges online.


Anonymous said...

What is your favorite frosting flavor to use?
Nana S.

Katie said...

Feel better soon!

Talita said...

How cute these little muffins look!