Home Again

I feel like I can't blog unless I post a photo, too. I don't have any idea whaere that comes from, but it is some odd self imposed rule I tend to follow. I haven't created anything new least not in the last 48 ours. So, I am posting an "old" photo, from way back in last week when I made my name tag for my weekend excursion. What you can't se are the pop dots under my moose and heart tag, giving them great depth and dimension. Just believe me, it's stinkin' cute. It is also prettier than the ones we wear at church. I'd wear this to church, but nobody likes a show off, especially in the Lord's House.

I went to get some cupcakes and ice cream cups to share with Seth's class tomorrow for his birthday.(The little booger will be nine!) I have been to Target, Walmart, the grocery, the knit store, Michaels and Sam's. Even had lunch with a friend. I have to start dinner and then run the kids to karate and maybe make a cake. I might bake tomorrow, I do better baking when the kids are not underfoot.

I enjoyed my time away this weekend. The dog enjoyed me being gone, too. When no one was looking she ate all of the candy Seth had collected at the neighborhood easter egg hunt. She ate it, wrappers and all, and seems no worse for wear.

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Amanda Sewell said...

Such a CUTE nametag!! Love it!!