Tile Coasters

I made some tile coasters to show you today. I used Tumbled Tiles from Lowe's. You pick your images and stamp using Staz On. Let it dry and seal with a Krylon coating. The top coaster has a quote stamp that I found at Michaels a while back, but the images are from Hanna Stamps' set "But I Need It."

This coaster is fully from the Hanna Stamps set "Tis the Season." I think the quote can be good for nature as well as people. I love to make tiles and I was really pleased at how well these lent themselves to coaster making. You can choose to color them in, also with Staz On, but I wasn't in the mood for it. My tastes tend toward the simple, so I just let them be as I liked them.

Halloween was fine. Noah went ut with his scooter attached to his wagon by a dog leash and he went as quickly as he could from house to house to collect candy. He had a huge pile by the time the night was over. Seth went out with a Halloween Pumpkin face bucket and it was full by the end of the night. One neighbor recognized Seth's character immediately and broke into a song from High School Musical. God love her! I am sure not many people had any idea who he was. At least he is original and not afraid to be unique.

I have been nursing a cold all week so did not partake in the drinking part of sitting in my neighbors driveway. I haven't been sleeping well at night and I just knew a little alcohol would do more harm than good. Everyone gathers at the neighborhood bus stop in the morning, and one neighbor noticed that only the sober were there this morning.

I did laundry today, thinking that I don't like sleeping in cooties, even if they are my own. So, all the bedding is clean and fresh again. But I did not go to the grocery today and did not realize how bad the need was until I went to make dinner and had absolutely no vegetables in the house. Not even a lonely can of green beans. I borrowed milk in my pajamas for breakfast from a neighbor this morning and I was too lazy/embarrased/just did not care to hunt down a can of something for dinner. No one eats the vegetables but me anyway. Dinner just looked lonely tonight though.

It's always something isn't it?

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Nothing new to update us lonely people who can't sleep??