Hanna Likes Big Dogs the Best

See Hanna, she's like me, she likes big dogs. Okay, so my dog only weighs about 35 pounds, she's a big dog to me. We have a dog we got from the Humane Society, an Australian Cattle Dog with possibly some German Shepherd mixed in. She's got cool tiger stripes on her brown and black coat. She looks a little hyena like, and her unique looks are what made me fall in love with her. I'll post a photo soon.
This was the best dog stamp I have, but the dog looks dis interested in his treat. Maybe Hanna is trying to teach him something and he just couldn't care less. The brown paper is bazzill but I can't remember where the dog paper is from that i used for the background. The dog stamp is from hero Arts and Hanna is of course, Hanna Stamps!

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Auntie said...

I think you would love some of my unmounted stamps. I believe you could find some interesting things for Hanna to hold! I have dog stamps...I also have a very cute kitty...well, I think it is cute!