Hanna shares her umbrella

I can't stop. I don't know who I love more, Hanna Stamps! or penguins from Memory Box. So I have combined the two again. This is a card idea that we made at Stamp Camp, but I added an image to it once I got home. I moved elements around and made the penguin with the umbrella. Come back tomorrow to see Hanna herself, unvelied.

Noah and a friend decided to have a band concert. They are looking for Scott's trumpet. Noah cannot join band till next year in 6th Grade, but that has not stopped him from talking about band EVERYDAY! Scott told him that he played trumpet and has a trumpet here, that he will let Noah play. So now they are on the hunt to find it, despite the fact neither he nor I know how to play any musical instrument. I told Noah it must be up in the attic. What that really means is that it is put away and not available. Whether it is really in the attic I do not know. The boys then came to report they found a way to open the attic. Sheesh....I gotta go. They are gonna be the death of me.


a very tired mommy said...

you're on a crafting rampage, girlie! :)

am excited to keep seeing new stuff!

good luck with the trumpet.... should be great fun when you find it...... you can come over if you need some quiet!

Auntie said...

maybe he can give a concert to us at christmas time?

love the card!

Auntie said...

Here I am on Friday....looking for new Hanna but no, you slacker...haven't posted anything yet. : )

Patiently waiting, I am. I am.