Thanksgiving Hannas

Here is Hanna checking out turkeys for the upcoming feast. Her boots match the turkeys as we are not wasteful here and every part of the turkey gets used. If that means gorgeous turkey boots, well, Hanna will happily be your fashion slave. Do you like how the little guys are dropping their feathers?

Here is Hanna holding a turkey up for closer inspection. Seth would like you to know that this is not how you hold a turkey. As he has lived all his life in suburbia it cracks me up that he has both knowledge and strong feelings about this. He said I simply must tell you, don't hold a turkey by its feathers. He eats a turkey sandwich almost every day at school in his packed lunch, so maybe he is worried about turkey mistreatment meaning les for him to eat.
My weekend was fine, except for my husband having to go to work and being gone all day Saturday. The electricity went out at his office and he knew when it came back up, he'd need to re set servers and do computer stuff. This meant I had my posts all ready and no one to help me upload. Can you beleive the mistreatment here? At least my cold appears to be fading at long last.


a very tired mommy said...

too funny with the Thanksgiving Hannas!! :)

Thanks for the DOTS!!!! :) You're the sweetest....

And someone showed me some AWESOME tricks with the Cuttlebug this weekend.... I can't wait to tell you about them!

Auntie said...

THIS CRACKED ME UP! I love Hanna holding that turkey with feathers coming off!!! Good idea!

Summerthyme Studio said...

All of these Hanna's are perfect!!!! You are So creative!!!!!