UpperCase Living

My friend Jenny had an UpperCase Living Party. I thought it was the best thing ever. It is basically words and graphics that you put up on your walls like a giant rub on. For a crafter like me, it was just my thing. Of course I am having my own Uppercase party next week.
The photo is of a leaf and saying that I ordered from Jenny's party. They come together as a set and all I had to do was decide on the size and the colors I wanted. I thought I would put these on a glass block when I ordered them, then I thought I'd use a tile.
I was at Michaels on Saturday and they had some art on sale 90% off out in their discount bins. My price was $1.49 so I bought all they had. The above was a piece of art that had was printed with something on it. I painted it brown with a couple of coats of acrylic paint that I had around. I left the bottom layer back, but painted the edges brown. I then put my rub ons on and sprayed it with a couple coats of Krylon spray. The Krylon did the trick. I was skeptical of what I had done, but the Krylon gave it a nice shine and a finished look. I tied on a coordinating bow, and Voila! I made art! It sits looking gorgeous in my kitchen right now.
Check out They have an entire catalog of amazing things on line and you can even design your own words/sayings/quotes. I am in love. It will be hard to contain myself and not have some great quotes on every wall in my house.


Auntie said...

YOU are on a roll with your crafting! That looks awesome!

a very tired mommy said...

that's very cute, girlie! :) The bow is so perfectly tied that I thought it was painted on for a second!! ;)