Oh No! Don't Eat That!

All the stamps are from Hanna Stamps! today. They include the duck, the worm, the saying, the pond. Well, actually, let me take that back, the grass is from Rubber Stampede. The paper is Bazzill and Reminisce.
I just had to have the duck eat the worm. I don't know why, but I had to do it. Don't worry, the worm recovers enough to appear in more cards. I think worms can regenerate themselves anyway. If I am wrong, we'll never know. I don't have enough blog readers to hope one of you is strong enough in science to explain the truth about worms anyhow.
Hanna Stamps releases the new Hanna set on Friday and I am trying to wait until I post actual cards with Hanna, so you'll have to stay on the edge of your seat, waiting patiently for the big reveal.

1 comment:

Auntie said...

You had to have the duck eat the worm because you are a sick chick but that is are my kind of sick chick!

Card is very cute!