No Mojo

I don't know where my desire to create went, but it's gone. Possibly buried under the piles of laundry I have to do so we can go on Spring Break. I did manage to get Seth a birthday cake, which he helped decorate.
And I ordered some new stamps from Art Declassified. I met Karen Desmet, the owner, this weekend in Michigan and I fell in love with the possibilities of what could be done with her stamps. I thought that since they were unmounted that she would just throw them in an envelope and put them in the mail. But no! Look at her great packaging. The stamps come with a cd box bearing their image so I can store them easily and keep them organized. I do love great organization.

I could not wait to get out my laser paper and stamp in StazOn to see how the stamps would work. The laser paper gives a great slightly glossy look that make sthe stamps look more photo realistic. Now I just have to play with them and see what I want to make.

I did make some dominoes. I know, you are not surprised. I did pick up some Adirondack alcohol ink markers this weekend as well and they are great on dominoes. I just have to decide if I want to color these images or leave them in black and white.

Sorry for the slight fuzziness of the picture, it's just the way it is in my world. I am going to put a pin back on one of these immediately because I can't wait to wear them.


crazed lunatic said...

love the dominoes! :-)

enjoy your vaca!

Kristi said...

WOW those turned out perfect!!!!