Hi Honey, I'm Home!

You can tell we are from the Midwest by the fact that we don't care how cold or cloudy it is, we are going to the beach, by golly! The first few days in Myrtle Beach it was a bit cold for our liking. That meant it was really cold and windy at the beach. We toughed it out and had fun anyway. The kids had boogie boards and they were going to put them to good use. We drove home Friday and Saturday just in time to turn around and drive to Fort Wayne for Easter with Scott's family. Seth loved the easter egg hunt, but this year Scott's parents did not out any candy in them. The kids just hunted for empty eggs. Once in a while my in- laws do something that just makes me want to go "Hmmmmm..." But Seth had fun and each of the kids got five bucks so they were very happy.
The kids got their usual loot at home. Seth wanted the Easter Bunny to leave a photo of himself, but what he got was a little blurry. Really, the Easter Bunny is pretty busy so I am sure he could not hold still for long, and he head to take a self portrait! What did the biy expect?!
Scott's niece is getting married in about 12 days and the family is pitching in to help with the reception. I volunteered to bring buns for the hog roast. Anybody know where the outlet store is? They think 300 people will come. I am guessing some people will eat their pork without a bun? Any idea how much I should buy? I have a feeling I need to start stocking up my deep freezer in buns right now. I chose buns as they don't have to be cooked or kept cold for the road trip. It seemed easy enough at the time.


Anonymous said...

was so good to finally eat lunch with you yesterday! :-)

as for the buns, there is an Entemann's outlet by my work that might do buns, too? I think, also, that there is a Wonder outlet on Binford that is just down the road, too...

this is Stephanie (of course, am sure that you had two lunches yesterday, too, eh? hehe).... stupid blogrolling is messing up my commenting! grrr...

kgscrapper said...

Just a tip on the bun thing...most people who do catering recomend 1.5 to 2 buns per person, depending on how big the buns are. Also take into consideration what else is being served and the time of day. Basically plan between 38 and 50 dozen buns. I would recommend calling a local bakery ahead of time (10 days to 2 weeks would be a good idea) they may give you a price break with that quanity.

One thing to remember abut transporting that many buns...and I foud this out from experience...if you stack the packages more than 2 high, the buns will squish.

Good Luck!!!