I Just Don't feel Like Myself

This beauty is called Dress Up Hanna and she comes with several dresses that can be paper pieced and put on her. I used a piece of a basic Grey paper pack for her dress. The color challenge at SCS today is Pink, Red, and Grey. I forget their full names, in all their aliterativeness. I liked the ribbon until I posted the card, and now I think I might take it off and add some greenery to the flowers instead. My cards always look good until I post them for all the world to see, and then I find changes I'd like to make.
I am off to get my hair cut today. I have been putting it off due to the e onomy but there is only so much a girl can take. Great Clips is having a $4.99 hair cut sale, and while it works great for all the men in my family, I just can't bring myself to go anywhere except to Kevin, my hair man. I am sure I will feel better this afternoon after my mini makeover.
Many of you know I have a special needs child (on the Autism Spectrum) and we had the annual case review recently at school. He will be moving into Middle School next year and we needed to decide how much he is mainstreamed in classes and how much he is pulled out for specialized education. If he goes to the special classes, they are smaller and more detailed toward his individual needs. But, he can do okay in a full day of regular classes, he will just require more "extra" help if he doesn't understand something. It is a hard decision, as I think everyone would do better in smaller classes tailored towards their needs, and the desire to want a child who does not require special care and circumstances.
It is cold and rainy here and if I did not have tons to accomplish today I would love to crawl back into bed and start the day over again later. I would do just that, but if I cancel my hair cut, it will take forever to get back in to see Kevin again. I am going to resolve to stay strong and go out into the cold, wet and dreary world.


Anonymous said...

hope that things are going well for your man in school....we're excited to have him over for dinner tonight! :-) and i like the card... i wouldn't change it..

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great hair date with Kevin. I always think men seem to do a better job with hair. I think getting my hair done is the next best thing to getting a massage.