Up and At 'Em

Scott wakes me up in the mornings. It works for me. around 7 AM he comes back up to the bedroom, turns on the TV to the Today show and gently wakes me with sweet kisses. It's a great way to start the day. Well, today he forgot! I rolled over in bed and realized it was a little too light out. It was 7:40. I ran and woke up Seth and told him he'd better get moving. I was still able to shower, dress and make lunch before the bus came at 8:15. Whew. But now that I woke up so quick, I have been moving at high speed and getting things done all day long. It's a great day.
The challenge today is a sketch challenge and I used the Train Riley with some left over die cut train track from my scrapbooking supplies. The cloud paper is from Reminisce and is called Cloud Puff.
I went to knitting class and got help with my killer sweater project and finished one sock. I'll finish the second one tonight while I am at a church meeting, so my life is good.


Kerry D-C said...

aaaaw! this is WAY cute!! love the train tracks!

Silli said...

OMG... Judy, this is so sweet. I love the bg...the riley is so funny... Big hugs from Silke

Anonymous said...

how dare he forget to shower you with kisses.... :-)

can't wait for lunch today!

Anonymous said...

He is a keeper, DON'T let him get away not many like him out there. I have been ready but not commenting lately. Too much time on facebook!!! Please keep up the beautiful cards.
Nana S.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm feeling jealous...the more I get to know Scott (a wee bit) the more I like him. Stephenie

Amber said...

Adorable card.