I lack motivation

Do you see this sweater? Okay, supid question, I suppose you do. I fell in love with it. It is a display model at my knitting store and upon seeing it I squealed in delight and demanded a class just so I could make one, too. Only yellow, as beautiful as it is, probably isn't a great color for my washed out pale skin. So, I chose some yummy blue yarn with which to make this swetaer. And I am having a tough time of it. I have about five inches, maybe 6, done. The teacher of my class was hoping to have me near done with it by this point. But I really am the world's slowest knitter with ADD.

Today I found a mistake in my knitting which means I get to rip back and inch or so. Seriously people, that is days of my life I will never get back. But I like it to much to not knit it, so I just plug away slowly since no one else has volunteered to knit it up for me. I need some knitting fairies in my life.

And papercrafting? Not so interested. I did look at the challenge today and it involved gesso, which I don't own and magazine pages. I just wasn't into it. So I let it go by. Tomorrow is a color challenge, maybe I'll feel motivated then. Maybe not.

Gesso, by the way is a product people use for priming soon to be painted surfaces.

Let me know what motivates you these days. I am going to organize photos now. Not exciting, but needs to be done.


crazed lunatic said...

I'm not feeling inclined to do much these days, either. sad, but so very true. *sigh*

what motivates me? getting some new supplies usually does the trick, but the ones I bought a few weeks ago didn't help me either...

i'll have some cheese with my whine now.... ;-)

Auntie said...

I can't see the pictures and it makes me sad.