I Don't Like Buttons

I don't care to use buttons on my cards, no matter how cute other people think they may be. Papertrey Ink is bringing out a whole line of buttons in their impossibly pretty color scheme. Me? I will not buy buttons and I stand strong in my conviction that it just adds too much un- needed bulk on my cards and scrapbook pages. As for buttons on my pants and such? When my fat won't hold my pants up, I find that I need them. But I generally only need one and not a whole fly full. They do have their place in my life, and I like it when they respect their assignment and stay there.

The challenge at SCS today was to create a card with a button, or lots of buttons. I recently made a card with a sketch from 2sketches4you and it was the perfect card sketch for a button. I used all Starving Artistamp stamps again. The little girl is from a Halloween set, but I dressed her for a birthday party instead and I am sure she will be the first to the pinata when it gets whacked open.

Another pet peeve about buttons? People who put them on cards and don't have any string in them to even pretend that they are tied on! Don't get me started on naked buttons, or before you know it. I'll be leading a ban on naked buttons in craft items. Want to sign my petition?

I am trying to decide between a quick trip to the grocery and a nap. I can run to the grocery when my oldest is home from school, but he will prevent me from napping. Hmmmm What to do...


Gina said...

Go for the nap!!

I know what you mean about the naked buttons, although sometimes I cheat and draw my threads on! Cute card, great job on using a button.

Kazan Clark said...

Oh Judy how cute is this - thanks so much for playing again AND for giving in and adding just one dressed button. I personally am ADDICTED to buttons - I will take them in any shape or form - naked or wrapped in bows and glitter..I believe you are on the right track keeping buttons at bay because once you start it is hard not to add a button to everything and anything :)

KimmyS said...

Bwahahahah - your post cracked me up. Even though I am seriously addicted to buttons I simply adore your stance on their rightful place in this world.

All the better that you caved in this once and used a button as the PERFECT embellishment for the sketch. Your card is FAB

Thank you so much for playing along this week

Kristi said...

NAKED BUTTONS.......That's about as bad as naked Riley's...hehehehe

crazed lunatic said...

so when we created those boxes and i handed you a stash-full of buttons, you were soooo thrilled, right? ;-)

hope you're having a good day!

Savor the Journey said...

I SO needed to read this!!
I'm learning to use buttons more ... thanks in part to my DD's influence. Come visit again and we'll have her over for more "influence"!