The challenge of the day was to use the same stamp more than once on your card. I chose to use a new image (to me) from Stamping Bella. The Bella line has lots of cute girls in it, and I chose Charlotte. I stamped her, then used a reverse image block to.... well...make a reversed image. The block is from Hanna Stamps and I love finding ways to use it. It is so much fun! The paper is from a Basic Grey paper pack.

I also finished up this project. The houses in the back are stamped a few times and then I used pop dots to place my little creatures on. The size is close to something like 5x11and I am not finished yet. I have a few finishing touches to add and a frame to put it in. I dropped my little camera on the way to take the photos today so I had to use Seth's camera and I couldn't get the colors to look right. They are much darker and not as washed out in person. The lay out is from Vicki Garrett, who made a version of this with the neighborhood wheel stamp from Stampin Up. My stamps are from Starving Artistamps' Doodle Factory line. I have the creatures in both the large and small sizes so I plan to add them into lots of my upcoming stamping projects.
The weather is warm and I spent the day dropping off left over garage sale stuff at resale shops for a little spending money. I know I am cheap, I hate to donate what I can sell. In the long run it just means more craft supplies for me!


Anonymous said...

Judy, you out did yourself on these 2. I have to say that these are some on my favorites, especially Charlotte. I know what you mean about giving things away. I like the money from yard/garage sales but hate dealing with the public.
Nana S.

crazed lunatic said...

Hey... speaking of that cute 5X11 pic...where did you get the frame for it? Mine fell and broke. :-( totally my own fault.

Oh, and I forgot to add to your last post that I would have NEVER thought to use my scallopy-dies to make the center for that big-ass flower. That ROCKS, my friend!

And finally, I wanted to let you know that there is only two more weeks of sparring class before he stops it for the summer (am quite pissed about that, but he does it every year if he even HAS a sparring class... he's had a lot more interest lately, so he's kept it longer). I know that Noah wants gear, but he might not need it until the fall anyway. Just thought I'd let you know.

You can have your blog back now. ;-)

Lynn said...

glad the sale went well. long live bartering!

Jamee said...

very cute :)

Auntie said...

I love those. Very cute! So how many more times can we do lunch before school is out?

Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

Wow! These are both great! I love those the ketto card! I haven't ventured into those stamps yet, but they are adorable!!
Your other project is amazing! I love your coloring too!!!