Memorial Day

Thankfully Scott fixed my camera for me, it was really just a lens jam. That said, I till did not use it for today's post, so you'll just have to imagine all the fun we are having. The neighborhood pool is open so we have been going back and forth all weekend and the boys are having a lot of fun playing with their friends at the pool. By mid August we won't be able to drag them there!

We went to the Old Navy one dollar sale on flip flops and came home with five pairs for the boys. Then Noah wanted to look for fake croc like shoes so we went around town to find those. Turns out it is not as easy as it sounds. Plus, he did not want dark colored shoes as he believed it would make his feet hot this summer. We did find two pairs for him at $4.99 each so that was a huge score. I was looking forward to colorful footwear for him, but he picked out grey and blue shoes. He is happy and that is what matters.

Today the kids are at the movies. I took some excedrin to help wake up and enjoyed an ice cream sandwich in peace. I am trying to enjoy the noise the kids bring me, but I will miss my quiet time as summer is almost here and that means kids in and out of my house all day.


Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

Hi Judy!
Sounds like you are having a good Memorial Day! Thanks for your comment on my stair step card on SCS. I just LOVE that you have Mike Rowe as your avatar! Too funny.
We are addicted to him here w/ Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs!

Auntie said...

I hope the pool is heated...I can't imagine how cold it could be at this time of the year.

I watched the Slumdog Millionaire movie. I wanted to see if you wanted to come and see it with me but I guess since you have already saw it it didn't matter that I got your message after I watched it. Maybe we can get together for a movie soon.