Saturday Update

I thought I should say hello, even though I don't have any photos to post. I have been busy this week getting ready for our neighborhood garage sale. Surprisingly, I did not have a lot to sell. Thankfully my friend Jenny had tons. My neighbors sold off their bionicles in a private sale to my kids, so money went back and forth through the neighborhood and we all had a good time.

Scott and the boys scored some suite tickets and will be off to the track tomorrrow while I am out of town for the day. I was tempted to cancel my plans at the last minute and go to the track as well. I hate to pass up the offer to hang out in the suites with friends, but I am going to a stamping store with a friend tomorrow, so it is a very tough decision to make. I decided to go stick with my original plan to go out of town since it was on the calendar first.

Meanwhile, the boys will be eating fried chicken and biscuits with apple butter while I am coloring and stamping. I don't care to go to the track much, but since we live nenar Indy, the 500 is the place to be in the month of May. Have I mentioned how much better sporting events are when suites are involved? I swear I could watch bull fighting if I had tix to a suite.

Monday I will be with my friend Maria painting. She is out of school (she works at a university in the Dentistry dept.) and I will be with her to start my week. I can't think of a better way to relax and hang out than being crafty with my friends. Plus, I always love to see what her talented hands have made. I have been painting for years, because she has been trying to teach me, but my painting is very simple compared to her elaborate projects. She is my inspiration!


Auntie said...

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what was happening with you. Hope we can eat lunch soon. Does Tuesday work or no?

crazed lunatic said...

Hope you had fun yesterday, and have fun today! :-)