Wedding Favors

Good thing I am in a wedding mood, I loved my niece's wedding last week and have tons of ideas about how to get the part started with wedding stamps. I need to move on, but I just can't, I am having too much fun. I made some little wedding favors to highlight Riley and Sophie, aren't they the cutest?
I am really looking forward to the release part tonight, too. I love the contests and seeing what evryone has made. This is really my favorite time of the month. I hope to see everyone tonight online around 9PM for the party at SCS.
Today is a beautiful day and I want to go get the oil changed in my car, and get it washed and get some groceries so we can grill out tonight. I really have to learn how to start the grill so we can eat at a decent hour. The kids don't care, they could play all night and not stop for dinner. But me? I need dinner. And I like it at 6PM. Too many years of living on a schedule, I think. My biological clock is set and cannot be denied.


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Gorgeous wedding favors Judy and your colouring is beautiful, Hugs, Nikki x

Anonymous said...

Nice favors, they are cute. I too am still on a schedule, I usually like to eat by 5:00 depending on how late I had lunch.
Nana S.

Wedding Postage said...

I woudn't have imagined that the moose theme would turn out so darn cute. It just shows what a talented artist can do.

Auntie said...

I am sad I can't see the pictures. I am sure they are bad I can't see them.