Mother's Day

This is a card for the Inspiration Challenge on SCS. The challenge was to find inspiration in the fabrics used by a cushion company. I cannot remember the name of the company, it had a French name that roughly translated to something like "My sweet cushion". I used Hanna Stamps' wedding set in the colors my niece used in her wedding two weeks ago. Someone made a comment on SCS that they are unusual wedding colors. Hey folks, I don't make this stuff up! The wedding was beautiful, the ladies wore yellow and the men wore black. It was a gorgeous spring wedding.

I used a cuttlebug folder to emboss the background and just added some ribbon, and colored the image with copics. Simple and pretty, the best combination.

For Mother's Day we went to my brother's church to see his daughter get baptized by immersion. It's one of those big white people mega churches in a small town. Well, not really a mega church by mega church standards, but very large for their small town. What surprised me was that as we wondered lost through the church looking for the Baptism area, not one person spoke to us. No one greeted us, no one even said hello in passing. No on pointed us in the right direction. There is nothing I like less than a non friendly church. Well, I like even less the fact that there are only men on the staff in ministry positions, but that is a rant for another day. You folks come here for goodness and light and crafting ideas, don't you? And now I have just offended many of you with my liberal ideas.

So, afterwards we lunched with family and hung out at my brother's, then came home to nap and had friends over for dinner. They say Mother's Day is the busiest day in the restaurant industry and I successsfully avoided having to compete with the crowds. I also ordered myself some stamps from Starving Artistamps for my present. I love it when I get just what I want!


Gina said...

I had a friend that used these same colors for her early summer wedding and it was beautiful. I have a hard time using yellow and black together without it looking like and Ode to a Bumblebee! Your card looks elegant, not like a bee at all!

Yea for new stamps!

Auntie said...

Love knowing you got exactly what you wanted....even if you had to order and pay for them yourself! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday ... the big white people church comment made me laugh.

Maybe we could do lunch this week. Let me know...

Card is cute...YES! I can see it! It is like magic, sometimes I can, sometimes I can't!

scrappinfox said...

Great card - very elegant. The yellow & black is very subtle.

I can relate to your church observations - one Sunday a friend and I visited one just like that, and we couldn't get out of there fast enough! It's still going strong, though, despite our absence. :)

Katie said...

Mega churches are odd creatures. Kinda reminds me of Big Box Stores (aka Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc). Something for everyone if you can find it but no real personal experience/customer service.

Happy belated Mother's Day!

Lynn said...

Oh those men in the big white church do not know what they are missing! How dare they be rude to the kindest person on the planet!
well, I never!