Lazy Sunday Morning

Well, it is actually the middle of the night here, and I should be in bed asleep, but I have this terible habit of waking up, thinking about something and not being able to sleep. I try to keep to the 20 minute rule. It's the one that says if you are awake for 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something else.

Scott and I went to go see the movie "Into the Wild" tonight and I can't stop thinking about it. It's based on a true story so when I couldn't sleep, I knew I needed to go to the computer and see what Wikipedia had to say about it all. then i followed more and more links and here I am, awake. still.

I got six comments on my last post. Dang. People are going to read my blog. I didn't know I had six readers yet. ( I am so tempted to say "If you can read this, please send money..." but those of you who really know me, know I'd be travellin' on whatever cash I had and the next post would be from Kenya, or Australia or Fiji, or just about anywhere at all).

I had plans for more photos to be posted, but since I am not quite capable of uploading on my own yet, I can't just live the life I want. Oprah says "Live the life you imagine!" Well, I am imagining lots of photos with every blog entry, but it just ain't happenin' for me yet.

Now I gotta get some sleep, I need to be early to the library so I can get the book "Into the Wild". If you live nearby and have any plans to beat me to the library, remember that I know where you live!

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Auntie said...

We should have gotten together during our non-sleep night! Although I wanted to sleep and felt like sleeping because I was tired each time I laid down I woke up choking because I am SICK!!!

Do you know how to upload pictures from you camera or upload from computer to blog? I can help!