Tin hanna

The picture on the left is an image of Hanna from Hanna Stamps! I put her into a little tin from Maya Road and cut a hole in the top with my Crop A Dile. I pulled through some gingham ribbon to make a loop, added some fluff for snow, and there ya have it.
I LOVE these little tins, but I can't find them anywhere. Usually Maya Road sells them with flowers or some other papercrafting supply inside and they cost a few dollars each. I have been trying to find an online source for these but haven't had any luck. I know you can get them empty for a dollar or dollar fifty each, but the Maya Road store locator function on their web site has been down for like, forever. Anyhow, I am too cheap to pay more than about fifty cents per tin.
You can get a pack of thirty tens for twenty bucks at Michaels. Of course, if you use a forty percent off coupon, it would be about twelve bucks for thirty tins. The problem? Their tins are a bit deep for my purposes where this one is nice and flat. Maya Road tins also have a pretty design around the lid. It's a great bonus, but being able to get a decent price is an even better bonus.
I am so happy playing with my Hanna Stamps and seeing what Hanna will do next. There will be another set ready for relaease soon and I really cannot wait!
The photo to the right has a great little tin for Nugget candies that we all love. The tin and the idea came from Papertrey Ink but the darling Hanna that I used came from Hanna Stamps!.
You can actually get the tins a lot cheaper from Specialty Bottle, but I didn't know that when I ordered from Papertrey. Plus, the shipping from Specialty Bottle is a little high for my taste.
I was playing around and remembered that I had seen someone stamp a Santa image onto the nuggets and thought I would give Hanna a try. I think she turned out great, although I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to make Hanna a set of triplets or if I wanted to color each image dfferently. I opted to use my prisma color pencils and make each Hanna have her own personality. Now I don't want to eat her! I added some translucent glittery fluff to help package her. I know there has to be a better name for the stuff, but I can't think of it at the moment.
Do you get the impression that I am a bit on the cheap side? Well, it's a one income family here and I gotta stretch my crafting dollars.

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