Hanna's in the House

Well, Hanna is not really in the house, she is out fishing. I love how versatile she is and that I can swap out images and add different things into her hands to hold. Holy Cow, have I got ideas for her! Notice the little birdie rub on on the bottom right side? It's from Heidi Grace. I couldn't find any fish vultures, so this will have to do. The little jumping fish is from penguin Paradise by SU! Heidi is multi talented, isn't she?
Heidi can Trick or Treat with the best of them! The little Halloween bucket is a small stamp from Archiver's, I don't know who made it. The pumpkin in Hanna's hand is a rub on from Heidi Grace and the little candies are from Memory Box. I used stickles on her crown, but you don't really see it in the photo. The paper is from K and Co and Bazzill.

I should own stock in Bazzill, by the way. Shouldn't most of us? They really make a great product and quickly cornered the card stock market.

Tomorrow is Halloween so I don't know if you will hear from me or not. I have photos to post, but if my little goblins keep me busy, I won't get to the internet. Seth is dressing as someone from High School Musical 2, (Ryan if you really need to know) and Noah is dressing as some type of demon/gremlin/goblin/devil guy. I miss the days of elephants, bumblebees, and even Harry Potter.

We have a litle tradition here that Scott takes the boys out trick or treating and I sit with my next door neighbor, around a warm fire pit and have a beer with whoever stops by. So, basically, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, I am out drinking.


Auntie said...

I am really impressed with all you have been doing with your stamps!!

StampOwl said...

great cards .... love how hanna is doing non christmas activities!

a very tired mommy said...

i love how you've been creating!

and I just might have to stop by for some adult refreshments tonight.... which neighbor? ;)