Grand Plans

I suppose we all have grand plans for our blogs, don't we? Or at least I had plans that this would be easier than it is turning out to be. I have photos to show you, but still need help uploading them. Right now that means I need the undivided attention of my husband. His attention is very divided these days and, sadly, he does not have all the time in the world just to serve my needs. Things like work, the house, the kids, more work, get in the way.

I start every day thinking about what I will upload that night, so I wait to update till my husband is here. Then we get busy and nothing gets done on the blog. I decided today to skip the dreams of uploading and just post.

I have a busy crafting day ahead. I am working on lighted glass blocks and am making some without lights, only rub ons. I have found that you can purchase glass blocks at Menards in all shapes and sizes but that they have a painted coating on the edges. I soaked some in hot soapy water and was able to get the paint off, but it did take some elbow grease.

I am also teaching a class this afternoon on stamping on tiles. I had it scheduled for last weekend, but it got moved as people wanted to bring their kids. It is a craft that kids can do, but my kids are on break from school today and they want to go out. I had my oldest call his Grandma this morning and it worked like a charm. She is coming to get the boys and take them to a movie.

If I call my mom, she may or may not care about the fact that I would like a brief break from the kids. Mostly I don't ask because I am tired of the grand parents being too busy to ever see the grandchildren. But I have found that if my kids call Grandma, she's happy to hear from them and will come do something with the boys. It's a scheme, that's for sure. But it works.

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a very tired mommy said...

call me the next time you want to upload a pic to your blog... I'll walk you through! :)