I Am Not A Lazy Bum

If I had my way, I would update my blog everyday. I am in a lucky spot in that I have some photo to post everyday to show you what I am making. I tell ya, I am one industrious gal! I made two cards yesterday and tried to post them myself.

Did you see them? No. They actually did not get posted. I got lost somewhere in the Picasa photo editing program and when I went to see if Scott could help me, he was already elbow deep in pumpkin guts. He had both boys up at the kitchen table and they were carving away. So, there was no help for me. He is such agood Dad. I don't like to craft with the boys much, I always want to "fix" what they are making.

Maybe later on tonight I will get new photos up. I am just checking in so you know I am a busy crafter and that I am not a lazy bum!

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