Tis The Season for More Hanna

I got a new set of Hanna Stamps today and I can't tell you loudly enough how much fun it is to have stamps to play with, for no other reason than to see what I can get them to do. I decorated the tree and put the hat box from the Hanna set, "But I need it.." under the tree, too. It loks like a giant present, and who doesn't want a big box of fun for the holidays?

I also like the card below it, with its pretty litttle Hanna holding up the mistletoe. I have never in my life been a pink person, but I am learning to love the color. I find I am using it more and more in cards and it is softening up how I feel abbout the color in general.

Does it seem early to be thinking Christmas? Not if you are a mom. I already have my shopping underway and presents hidden in places I hope the kids won't look.

I have girlfriends who share a "Homemade Christmas" with me. The rule? it has to be homemade. At this point they may be fearful that they will each get a box of hanna cards from me, but little do they know I started their presents months ago.

I will have some more Hanna cards tomorrow as well as a glass light box or two. Seth has been working on rub ons trying to get his vellum ready for its application to a glass block. His favorite furry friend is a penguin, Mumbles, from the movie Happy Feet. He and Mumbles have matching pajamas courtesy of Grandma Workman last year. He asked if Mumbles could have his own glass block, but I told him that for now he and his penguin will have to share one. I tell you, he wears me down. He always asks if Mumbles can have whatever he is having. I almost forget its a stuffed animal, we spend so much time talking about him and taking him along places.


Shabbychick Junk said...

CUTE! LOOK AT YOUR CUTE HANNABANNER! Just checking in to see all your Hanna cards! :)

StampOwl said...

Love both your Hanna cards ... and it isn't too early to think about Christmas ... I started Christmas shopping last month ;)