Early Christmas

We went to spend the day with the inlaws who live about 2 hours away and have Christmas with them. This year we met at a rec hall on a local college campus, Indiana Tech. The kids bowled, played ping pong, air hockey, pool....there was a lot to do. Noah got what he had been longing for, a long board. It's just a longer than usual skateboard. We had to order it on the internet and have it shipped to the in laws so they could give it to him. He was delighted! He tries to stand on it and rose on it sitting, but secirity told him he had to put it away.

I am okay with that, as we were inside. He was sad, so I took him outside to ride it. Security came out and told us skateboards are not allowed anywhere on campus and that he needed to carry it, wheels off the ground, and to the car. Good grief! I can see their point, as some kids canbe reckless and endanger themselves and others but the rule should be that you can ride your skateboard if you have close parental supervision. Of course, some parents don't supervise as well as others.

Seth got a caboose for his train set and some more track. We had taken his train set along so he could put it all together and play with it. His caboose arrived broken and Scott needed tools so he could fix it. The tools are at home and we were not. Seth looked pretty pathetic most of the day.

This is an ornament I found at the Dollar Tree. It had a snowflake design that looked like it would come off easily, so i took it off and added Hanna. i stamped her on vellum and cut around her and glued her gently to the ornament. She came with the little fake stryofoam snowballs inside. I added Diamond Dust, but it just sunk to the bottom and didn't mix in.

Since I have all the Hanna Stamps a girl can own, I am dreaming of a Papertrey Christmas. I'll know in a few days if anyone followed my list, or if I get more coffee products that I don't drink.

I don't mean to sound bitter, but 1) I don't drink coffee, or very many hot drinks at all except for the occasional hot chocolate or tea. 2) I would never spend my money at Starbucks as it is such a large chain and is too expensive for my tightwad personality. Never the less, someone always gives me coffee or gift cards for Starbucks to which my husband who loves both coffee and Starbucks says THANK YOU!


Auntie said...

If you get a Starbucks gift card, I will buy it from you. This way you can take the money and get something you want....I used to drink coffee from the Java House, but it closed because Starbuck came to close to and of course everyone knows their name...sad, very sad.

Kristi said...

That skateboard looks so cool.....Love thoise scarfs too. You are so talented.....Lov that can too your friends will be very happy.
The animal...looks like a dog...husky, chow tail though..hummm