Today, the second day after Christmas and I have nearly given up. Noah went to the dentist today and had to have two baby teeth pulled as he has permanent teeth coming in over them, but they were not coming out. I hate our pediatric dentist. He costs too much and we pay him, then he files for insurance. OUCH. Noah did great though.

My basement is full of bigger kids (11-12) playing Wii and there are several 7 year olds in front of the TV upstairs watching Shrek the Third. I am pretending not to have responsibility for any of them they all know where the food is if they need a sandwich anyway. I look at my stampin stuff and hope for inspiration, but it does not come. I know the new Stampin Up catalog is in, and I long to make a run out of the neighborhood to go get it.

Noah politely asked for juice at the grocery and I got it for him. The problem? He wanted grape juice. Yep. The purple stuff. then he wanted the biggest jug he could get of it. I let him, against all my best thoughts, and I hope I don't pay for this later in spills. So far he is careful, but I feel a sense of impending doom.

I have to make dinner soon. Oh Geez. Didn't I just do that? No, it was leftover night last night. Although we have enough leftovers to do it again, I don't think the family will accept it again. Dangnabit. My motivation is gone, and I need to find it, we leave for a trip on Saturday and I gotta get ready. I have lost control of the house and the laundry and just don't care. I think that's a problem.

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Auntie said...

I am trying to recover as well...but my issue is with work. I have been falling asleep at work. I just now went to restroom and feel asleep in there. I get good rest. I sleep at least 6 hours straight without waking up to use restroom. I don't feel tired when I wake up so what is the issue? I think lack of female chit chat is what is killing me. I have no one to talk to. I might as well talk to the wall when talking to owner. I get more response talking to the blank wall behind my desk.