Lazy Monday

Well, you just have to imagine that the Hanna yous e above is really much richer in color in person. The paper is from K and Co. with bazzill bling paper as well. Hanna is colored with copics and her unbrella was cut out and glued on for the plaid effect. I had to add the little wormie, he's just so cute!
Chicago wore me out! It snowed, which was pretty, then turned to sleet. The snow/sleet stuck to my coat and melted whenever I went inside, so I then felt wet. My pants were wet from slogging through puddles, but miraculously my toes stayed warm and dry. There was an accident on the interstate on the way home, so we took a detour, and what should have been a three to three and half hour drive took six hours! I did get some cute gifts for the boys though at various museum shops. I only spent about $40.00, too, which was great.
Yesterday Scott took Seth to see High School Musical on Ice and then we had an appointment to get family photos taken. was a whirlwind weekend and I spent several hours this morning helping Noah's teacher. All I want to do is nap, but I have too many people who want things from me today so that won't be happening. What I really want is an electric blanket with dual controls so I can be warm in bed. My husband doesn't like electric blankets, so dual controls on a King size blanket, please Santa!


Auntie said...

I bet Seth was in HEAVEN! Thanks for the update on your trip. I was wondering how it was in Chicago since the weather was crappy here.

a very tired mommy said...

sorry to hear that Chicago was sloshy! but jealous of the time you went away. :)

I'm sure that Seth was in heaven!! :) Did he love it? Hope the pics went well!